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Teddy Daniels Calls Out the Pay-to-Play Scheme with Trump’s Endorsements

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump ran on his mantra: Drain the swamp. He called out the corrupt dealings of the establishment elites for their backroom deals and shady pay-to-play schemes.

Now, however, we are witnessing a new more swampy Trump, who is endorsing RINOs left and right. Many have been asking whether he’s sold out or whether he has a secret plan to expose the RINOs within the party.

Teddy Daniels, whose show is joining Freedom First TV, shared some insider information as to what’s truly going on with Donald Trump’s disappointing endorsements:

Trump needs to stop using these congressional seats to wheel-and-deal with other people. The problem is, there’s so many swampy, establishment people around him. You look at Susie Wiles who runs the Save America PAC. You look at a lot of these people around Trump, they are literally selling the Trump endorsement. They are making money off of the Trump endorsement.

If you donate $200,000 to the Save America PAC, you’ll get the Trump endorsement. Or, “You bring me on to work your campaign and I’ll get you the Trump endorsement.” That’s what it is!

It’s pay-to-play politics, and I hate to say it, but I’m going to piss off a lot of people right now. Trump knows. He’s involved. He’s involved! I got this from his inner circle. He’s involved! “Did this person donate any money to the Save America PAC?”

I asked Teddy Daniels whether Trump can be trusted heading into 2024. His answer? No.

He explained:

(Donald Trump has) replaced that swamp with another swamp with a canal that connects both of the swamps. Seriously, that’s what it is! There’s so many crossovers from one world into the other. Cory Lewandowski was out trying to sell Trump endorsements. If Trump does not truly know or have first hand knowledge of what is going on or who these candidates are, sit down and shut up.

Mike Collins beat him. Mike Collins is an America First guy, and he beat the snot out of (Trump endorsed) Vernon Jones down there in District 10 (in Georgia). Take a look at Liz Cheney’s race… he endorsed Liz Cheney’s former aid. Seriously, there’s other people in that race!

Why would you endorse that person? That person had zero money raised, zero name ID, zero followers, but now she’s got a Trump endorsement. What deal was made there?

It’s clear that Donald Trump, the man who claimed to want to drain the swamp, now runs the swamp that needs to be drained.

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If you didn't catch the last episode, here's a clip from the show:

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