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Going After the Gov Instead of Big Pharma for the Bioweapon Injections Could Lead to World War III

Our Trusted Leaders are distracting us from the real villains in the release of the bioweapon injections, otherwise known as the “covid vaccines.” They are telling us to go after the government and even employers, when the real Bond villains are Big Pharma. During this episode of In The Foxhole, Karen Kingston and Jeff Dornik explain why this could be catastrophic not only for our movement, but for humanity by ushering in World War III.

If you listen to the mainstream narrative among our trusted leaders within the Freedom Movement, you’ll hear that we need to sue the government. They’re claiming that the Department of Defense contracted Big Pharma to produce the bioweapon that’s been unleashed upon humanity.

However, when you look at the contract between the DOD and the Big Pharma companies, it was for a safe and effective vaccine, not a bioweapon injection. It’s clear that Pfizer and Moderna did not create a vaccine, but a bioweapon, which violates their contact with the government.

Think about this for a second… let’s just say that we go down this path and actually prove that our government is responsible for the release of a bioweapon onto the global population. What does that mean? World War III. As Karen explained, Russia and China would be attacking us on our soil. We would be fighting a war against the world’s superpowers on our own turf.

We’ve got to be careful what we are saying, which is why I believe that it’s so dangerous that our Trusted Leaders are telling us to sue the government. The real villains are Big Pharma, and Pfizer more specifically.

Don’t forget that our government has unlimited time and resources. But Big Pharma has been sued many times and judgments ruled against them time and time again. Our winning strategy to get the jabs off the market is to go after Pfizer, set a precedent that these are bioweapons, and then we can systematically get these taken off the market and have more prosecutions against lower level targets later.

Don’t get led astray by those telling us to sue the government, employers or anyone else besides Big Pharma. They are simply providing cover (intentionally or unintentionally) for these pharmaceutical companies that are killing us by the millions.

Jeff Dornik’s upcoming book Following the Leader exposes the Deep State’s tactic to lead us all astray. They tested this out with cults, religions and politicians, and now it’s playing out before our eyes. Pre-order Following the Leader for a signed copy at

Be sure to catch the latest episode of The Jeff Dornik Show featuring former defense contractor Patrick Wyett:



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