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Stop Being a Spectator… Here’s How You Can Save America

During a recent episode of The Matt Couch Show, Matt and I discussed the path to saving America. Obviously, that’s a huge task to take on, but it’s the only way to preserve any semblance of freedom and liberty for our kids and future generations.

The problem with the conservative movement right now is that we’ve been relying on the “Trust the Plan” mentality for far too long. Everyone loves showing up to Trump Rallies to hear how Donald Trump and Co are going to save America. Or they’ll tune into Frank Speech to see how Mike Lindell is coming along with achieving his 9-0 Supreme Court decision to overturn the 2020 Election.

News breaker, folks: Donald Trump and Mike Lindell are not going to save America all by themselves.

We’ve got to get rid of our desire for a savior to come in and save the day. Just as our Founding Fathers took on the manta “No King but King Jesus,” we should be saying “No Savior but but my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.” Yeah, I get it… it doesn’t ring as much as our Founders’ mantra, but you get the point.

As long as we, as a movement, continue to sit back and watch a few conservative celebrities do what they can to fix everything our nation is facing, we are going to lose to the Globalist Elites who are attempting to implement The Great Reset and establish their New World Order.

So how do we stop our country from going down the tubes at record pace? We the people.

Each and every one of us must get in the game and do our part. Take IMMEDIATE and MASSIVE action. Show up to as many conservative events and protests as possible. Support America First candidates. Show up to school board, city council and county board of supervisor meetings. Talk to your friends about the truth regarding covid-19, our constitutional rights and why the Democrat platform is pure evil.

Just do something. If you don’t do anything, that’s a de factor endorsement of the globalist strategy to overthrow our government. Do not let that happen.

Get off your butt and get in the game to save America.

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Here’s the description of this episode from The DC Patriot:

Jeff Dornik joins host Matt Couch on this episode of The Matt Couch Show to discuss current events, what’s new with The GateKeepers and Freedom First Network, as well as his new event series called American Action Summits.

Check out all of Jeff Dornik’s shows, articles and interviews at

You can watch The Matt Couch Show Mon-Fri on Rumble, GETTR, Patriot TV, Twitch, DLive, Foxhole, CloutHub, YouTube, and more at 11 AM EST.

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Check out Matt Couch’s The DC Patriot for hard-hitting news.

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