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Seth Holehouse: We Are In A Two To Three Decade War To Save Our Country

Seth Holehouse, host of Man In America, joins The Jeff Dornik Show to react to the Red Trickle that occurred on Election Day, what we learned from the results and where we go from here.

Since Donald Trump came onto the political scene in 2015, it seems as if the conservative movement has been looking to him to save America. While he was truly the greatest president of our lifetime and accomplished so much to Make America Great Again, it may be that we’ve failed as a movement because of placing our hope in this one man.

I had on Seth Holehouse to react to this week’s Mid-Term Election results. While many expected a Red Tsunami, we actually got a Red Puddle, as Holehouse put it. How could this have happened?

Was there election fraud? Yes. It appears that the powers-that-be targeted Arizona and Pennsylvania with their rigging strategies. However, that is not the only contributing factor to the underwhelming results of the election.

Our instant gratification mentality within the conservative movement is also contributing. Part of that goes back to our Savior Complex of expecting someone like Donald Trump, Mike Lindell or Gen Michael Flynn to save the day. In reality, we’ve got to rid ourselves of this thought process and understand that the only way to save America is through We The People.

The Left has been working for almost a century to destroy America. Conservatives typically get involved 6 months before an election. We’ve got to understand that the Deep State operatives aren’t going anywhere. This is not a short battle, but a two to three decade long war over the soul of America.

Are we going to remain a free nation when it’s time to pass the mantle to our children? Or will we allow the Left to win and fundamentally change America into a third world communist country? Your mentality and actions will be the deciding factor.



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