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Scientists Mull One-Shot-Fits-All to Vaccinate Against Hospital Superbugs

(Dr Joseph Mercola, - Health-care related superbug infections are the bane of health care providers, killing more than 90,000 people every year and costing upward of $45 billion a year.

With 1 in 31 hospital patients carrying at least one infection every day, health officials have been hard-pressed to find a way to stop it. Now, researchers think they may be on the way to finding an answer through a single vaccine that could protect against a number of infections.

Using the body’s own immune system to fight against a multitude of infections, the proposed shot is composed of just three ingredients. The vaccine would work within 24 hours and last for up to 28 days, although a second jab might extend that time, according to Medical Xpress.


Ever wonder why your friends and family can't see the truth that's plain for all to see? Why is it that you can point them to all of the data to support your position on, let's say, vaccines, and they'll continue to run with the mainstream narrative? They may have fallen victim to the mind-control tactics of the intelligence agencies. Pre-order Jeff Dornik's upcoming book Following the Leader to understand that tactics being employed and what we can do to overcome them.



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