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Sarah McAbee on What Really Happened on J6 and the Ongoing Weaponization of the Government

Sarah McAbee joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss January 6th, the aftermath and the ongoing weaponization of the United States Government against its citizens. Sarah is the wife of Colton McAbee, who was arrested and now convicted for his alleged involvement in January 6th. She’s the founder of the Stand in the Gap Foundation.

During the show, she laid out what her husband was found guilty of allegedly doing vs what really happened. Once you hear her account vs what the prosecution charged him with, it is sure to outrage you. It’s becoming more obvious by the day that all they care about is finding them guilty… not whether they actually committed a crime or not.

The DOJ and our government has been weaponized against the American people, and especially targeting Donald Trump and his supporters, which is why they’re showing no mercy on any of the J6 prisoners. Their Constitutional Rights are being stripped away, especially when it comes to due process and innocent until proven guilty.

There’s a lot that you and I can do, and we really need to get involved in this fight. Many are staying silent because they are scared of being targeted by the government. But if we continue to not doing anything about this injustice, the governing class will become emboldened and continue to target and harass anyone who gets in their way.

I highly encourage you to donate to the Stand in the Gap Foundation, which is working on many different fronts to provide solutions to these problems we are facing and work with the J6 prisoners to find justice. They’re also looking for conservative businesses that would be willing to higher some of these J6 prisoners once they get out, as finding a job after these allegations are extremely difficult. If you can help, please reach out to them.

Make sure you follow Sarah McAbee on X at @TheRealJ6Sarah and check out the Stand in the Gap Foundation’s website.

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