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Rolling Stone Accuses Pro-Life Pastor Ken Peters Of Inciting Arson Against Planned Parenthood

Pastor Ken Peters is the founder of The Church at Planned Parenthood, a ministry which holds church services outside of Planned Parenthoods. They sing worship songs, pray and listen to preaching. It’s a very positive and effective form of protesting against abortion. After the local Planned Parenthood burned down in what the police are calling arson, Rolling Stone immediately put out a hit piece attempting to tie Pastor Ken to the arson. Today he joins me to respond.

You can often times tell how effective a Conservative or Christian is by the response from the Mainstream Media and the Left. We saw this Donald Trump while he was in office as President of the United States. The response of the Left showed just how fearful they were of his success. Think about it: When Trump was successful, they would lose.

This is why I am so proud of my good friend Pastor Ken Peters, pastor of Patriot Church and founder of The Church at Planned Parenthood. His actual actions are quite simple: Hold church services outside of abortion clinics. Prayer, singing and preaching. Nothing complicated and a very positive form of protest.

While there has always been Christians protesting outside of Planned Parenthood abortion mills, they’ve often times focused on anger and negativity. For the most part, the baby murder “clinics” have ignored them. Because of the negativity, they weren’t really being all that effective.

Enter Pastor Ken Peters.

TCAPP (The Church at Planned Parenthood) launched a few years ago and has exploded since then, with services popping up across the country. Not only are they expanding, but they are effectively fighting this spiritual battle with singing, prayer and preaching.

They are so effective that Planned Parenthood is doing everything the can to shut down this movement. In Spokane, WA, where TCAPP was founded, Ken and constantly battled with PP. We saw the city council work to accommodate abortions, creating insane rules and hoops they had to jump through just to sing songs outside on public property.

Then we saw Planned Parenthood sue Ken and his fellow pastors for causing “trauma” for those mothers inside allowing the “doctors” to murder their babies… and that trauma is apparently created by singing hymns like “Amazing Grace.”

In addition to these legal battles, we’ve seen the Mainstream Media do their part in shutting down TCAPP and Pastor Ken. Everyone from CCN to CBS has run hit pieces on this movement, labeling them as “far right,” “religious extremists” and “Christian nationalists.”

Then came New Years Eve, when the Knoxville Planned Parenthood, the local abortion mill for Pastor Ken, burned down. The police said that it appears to be arson. Planned Parenthood put out a statement saying that, “All too often, bad actors emboldened by the rhetoric of anti-abortion politicians and antagonists intentionally work to interrupt patients’ access to health care and providers’ ability to give it.” This was clearly directed at Pastor Ken Peters and TCAPP.

Rolling Stone began coordinating with Planned Parenthood to smear Pastor Ken. The article starts off with this statement: “This is the second violent act against the clinic since an evangelical protest organization moved in a year ago, ramping up anti-abortion rhetoric in the city.”

Then Marisa Kabas, the author of this hit piece, asked this insane question: “Did the rhetoric of Pastor Peters’s extreme anti-abortion church literally help stoke the flames?”

The article continued to falsely make the case that Ken Peters incited this act of arson with things prayer, which they quoted: “We pray that every fire of heaven would come against this building, and would come against this organization, and would come against this evil, in Jesus’s name.”

Clearly, this is referring to the Holy Spirit’s fire, not a literal fire. But that would take intellectual honesty, which we know that the Leftist pro-baby murder Mainstream Media does not have.

If you take anything from this conversation with Pastor Ken, I hope that you understand that we are fighting a spiritual battle. However, if you aren’t getting attacked by the Left and those that hate God, you are probably not actually in the game.

Ken has been a lightning rod of attacks by the God-hating progressive Left. And yet, he’s the nicest guy you will ever meet. He loves the Lord and has more passion for saving the lives of the unborn than anyone I’ve ever met. Let Ken’s perseverance and focus be an inspiration to each of us.


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Joe Maxon
Joe Maxon
Jan 11, 2022

i would look at this as a potential false flag or hoax. much more likely

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