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Riley Moore is Standing up to The Globalists

Always among our most frank and informative guests, Riley Moore, West Virginia’s Treasurer, joined The Two Mikes today to speak about his decision to try to win a Republican congressional seat in West Virginia in 2024. His website for that campaign is

Mr. Moore said that he loved the treasurer’s job, but that because the state’s Republican Party had the state on a steady and positive economic course and holds both houses of the state legislature he wanted to take a shot at getting a seat in the Congress, which, of course, for from steady of positive. Mr. Moore said that if he wins the seat, he hopes to convince his caucus mates to work to pass bills similar to those he worked for in West Virginia.

Among those projects, would be federal legislation to (a) stop banks from discriminating against companies by using their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) scores to block loans to energy companies and companies in other sectors that disturb and hurt the feelings the woke banking leaders; (b) a bill to stop credit-card companies from establishing a special merchandise code to be used when individuals purchase arms and ammunition with a credit card. Such a code would give the national and state governments to a back-door national gun directory to use when they are ready to target and unconstitutionally disarm the citizenry and destroy their 2nd Amendment protections; and (c) a bill to prevent the corporate leaders’ form stacking the votes in corporate voting in a manner that that would permit ESG scores to be used in determining decisions of where to invest retirement funds.

Mr. Moore said that he helped pass all of these bills in West Virginia, and they all would benefit Americans everywhere by becoming the law of the land.

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