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Richard Stenger Says Dictator Gavin Newsom’s Children Aren’t Even Vaxxed

Richard Stenger of the news aggregator Press California joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss California’s attack on children in the name of Covid-19 safety. At the same time, Gavin Newsom’s own children are not vaxxed for Covid-19… yet another example of the fact that Newsom doesn’t believe the garbage he’s mandating for the state of California.

California’s Communist Dictator, otherwise known as Governor Gavin Newsom, is a hypocrite… plain and simple. There’s no getting around that. Whether it’s early on in the covid-19 lockdowns, when he had dinner indoors with some of his pharmaceutical power player buddies with no masks or social distancing to going maskless at the LA Rams’ game alongside Eric Garcettit and Magic Johnson or when he kept his vineyards, wineries and restaurants open while forcing his competitors out of business, his utter hypocrisy is easy for anyone to see.

Richard Stenger, EIC of the news aggregator Press California, is now pointing out that Newsom’s own children are probably not vaccinated for Covid-19. Now, I want to tread lightly here because his children deserve their privacy and should not be used for political purposes. However, at the same time, Dictator Newsom is trying to force young children to get the jab, all while allowing his own children to be exempted.

During this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, Stenger exposed Newsom’s targeting of young children when it comes to his covid-19 policies, pushing for vaccine mandates in schools, face mask requirements for students attending class and all sorts of other manipulative and completely ineffective tactics that are nothing more than fear porn.

After seeing the clearcut contradiction between Newsom’s rhetoric and mandates vs how he conducts himself in private life, I’m asking this question: Does Gavin Newsom actually believe the garbage that he’s spewing?

Think about it: If Newsom actually believed that the virus was as deadly as it is, why would he pose for a photo with Magic Johnson maskless? I mean, Magic has HIV and is immunocompromised… wouldn’t Newsom have taken extra precautions to protect Johnson?

If we are actually in a state of emergency, why is the Super Bowl being held in Los Angeles? Last I checked, they back close to a hundred thousand screaming fans into a giant stadium, with people flying in from all over the country and even the world to attend, let alone the millions of visitors coming to join in the festivities throughout Super Bowl Weekend.

If the vaccines work, why aren’t Newsom’s kids vaccinated, if they are not? Why does he want to force YOUR kids to get the Poison Death Shot, but he isn’t insisting his own get it?

Does he know something that he’s not letting on? Does he actually believe that covid-19 is as deadly as he claims, that the vaccines work and masks are effective? Or is it all garbage spewing out of his mouth?

The repeated hypocrisy is very telling as to what’s going through his mind. He may be posturing as the most concerned Democrat politician, stripping away our Constitutional Rights to keep YOU safe… but his actions show that he truly doesn’t care and doesn’t actually believe the mainstream narrative about covid-19 and does not actually believe in the mandates his implementing.

As always, it’s all theater.

Make sure you go check out Richard Stenger’s news aggregator Press California at


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