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RedPill78's Zak Paine: We Are In The Midst of a Multi-Generational Fight to Save America

Zak Paine, Mr RedPill78 himself, joined this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show and discussed a wide variety of topics, from Devolution to Q to whether Joe Biden is a clone to Flat Earth. To say that we dove into conspiracy theories is an understatement.

However, one of the refreshing aspects of our conversation was his realistic expectation of hope for the future of our country. As he stated, we’ve been through a lot as a nation: The Great Depression, the Civil War and even World War II. And while things seem bleak right now, we’ve always pulled through and come out to the other side.

Whether America can continue that trend is yet to be seen, but should also inspire us to action. How did we get out of those difficult times in American history? We the People doing what it took.

Zak explained that while in the early days of Q the drops were massive bombshell revelations, the tone of the new Q Drops are less revelatory and more focused on cheering the American people to action. Whatever you think about Q, this is the mentality that we need to have.

As I’ve always said, Donald Trump is not going to save the day all by himself. In fact, as Zak so eloquently explained, we may not even truly see America return to the nation it was intended to be in our lifetime. This may be a multi-generational fight that we’re in the midst of.

Understanding that, we are fighting for our children and grandchildren. If we don’t get involved today, then our kids may not have an America that preserves freedom and liberty.

That means running for office, knocking on doors, having difficult conversations with those that disagree with you. It may mean running for a position you know you can’t win, but understanding that your mission is to ensure that the candidates and voters have to discuss the important issue.

It all comes down to action. Instead of waiting on Donald Trump or Mike Lindell to save America, this is only going to happen if YOU do something. If I do something. It can only be through We the People.

So let’s get to work, folks.

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