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Rapper Isaiah Robin Calls Out The Satanic Elites For Their Demonic Depopulation Agenda

The entertainment industry is clearly controlled by demonic forces. We’ve seen legit occult rituals practice right in front of our eyes in music videos and performances at award shows and concerts. Jay-Z, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry… the list goes on and on. It’s an industry controlled and owned by Satan, and boy does he have a stranglehold on it.

That’s why it’s refreshing to talk to a rapper that realized the darkness of Hollywood and got out, all while still continuing his craft and creating music with a conservative and Christian agenda.

Isaiah Robin was once signed to a major record label, but ended up walking away because of how dark the industry is. He no longer wanted to be a part of it. Instead of giving up music altogether, he decided to do it his own way, and he’s been having a lot of success.

He’s seen the dark forces of the Hollywood industry up close and personally. These dark forces are the same ones hijacking our education system and pushing transgenderism onto kids, the same forces controlling Washington DC and the utter hatred for all things true, and even the same forces calling the shots from the globalist elites pushing for The Great Reset. It’s a collaborative effort by these Satanists to attempt to establish their New World Order, as predicted in the Book of Revelation.

During my conversation with Robin on The Jeff Dornik Show, he explained:

“Our country is run by liars, at the moment. Our country is run by a lot of Satanists, at the moment. I believe that their agenda is a Satanic and demonic agenda, and a lot of the elites are saying a lot of lies that the media portrays as good.

“The media is also bad…. I’ve been banned off of TikTok three times already, I’ve been silenced on Instagram, I’ve been silenced on all these major media platforms because they are also with these higher satanic elites.

“A lot of people don’t understand how deep it goes into the spiritual realm. It’s a Satanic agenda that we are coming into. They want to control us, they want to control our food, they want to control our money. They want to control everything in our everyday lives. They want to control society and they want to depopulate the world.”

There is a solution, and it’s deeper than just political or cultural. This is a spiritual battle that’s being waged right now, and the solution is the Gospel. Yes, we are fighting the good fight politically, but we cannot lose sight that what will fundamentally change the trajectory of America is to have a massive revival and awakening where the people of this nation turn back to God.

Robin is using his rap music to try to inspire this very thing, getting people to think through important topics through his unique style of rapping. He’s doing his part, what are you doing to do yours?

You can check out Isaiah Robin’s music at

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