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Rachel Alexander Breaks Down Why Kari Lake Has Been So Successful in Exposing Election Fraud in AZ

Former elections attorney for Maricopa County, Rachel Alexander, joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to explain the recent developments in Arizona that are proving that both the 2020 and 2022 Elections were rigged. While the 2020 Election has still not been overturned, Kari Lake and several other MAGA candidates, including Abe Hamadeh and Mark Finchem, are getting closer every day to succeeding to prove in the courts the 2022 Election was stolen by the powers-that-be.

After the 2020 Election, President Trump and his supporters raised tens of millions of dollars to fight election fraud. After Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis ran all over the country making all sorts of claims that they could not prove about how the election was stolen, they were shut down time and time again by the courts. While it’s easy for Trump supporters to claim the Deep State controlled the courts, which is true, on the flip side we have to deal with the fact that these attorneys continually seemed to be making the wrong arguments.

Instead of taking the easy wins, they went for the home runs, claiming all sorts of things that may be true, but we didn’t have the evidence for at that time. Obviously, these arguments got shot down by judges all over the country, which fed into the narrative that there was no election fraud.

Which brings us to 2022 and Kari Lake’s election for governor of Arizona. As we all know, she’s been fighting the good fight in the courts and has been much more successful than virtually anyone else within the courts. The question is, why is she getting further than Trump did?

Rachel Alexander has been been following this case, both because of her background as the elections attorney for Maricopa County and as a journalist for several publications. She explained that, unlike previous challenges in the courts, Lake’s team have been making the right arguments.

We also know more than we did in 2020, given the extensive amount of research that has gone into how the elections are rigged. There’s even a court case from 1917 that Alexander cited during my interview with her that sets the precedent for unseating a sitting governor in Arizona when it’s shown that they did, in fact, lose the election.

The other important aspect that we cannot forget when it comes to election fraud is that elections are stolen both by direct rigging and cheating, as well as through outside influence and cheating. Obviously, you have the example of Big Tech censoring candidates and stories that would hurt the establishment candidates. But then you have the Smurf story as exposed by James O’Keefe that shows just how fraudulent even fundraising can be, as Alexander wrote about in her Townhall article:

“Investigative journalist James O’Keefe and Election Watch have stumbled upon a bizarre occurrence in Democratic campaign filings; thousands of small donations totaling often close to a couple of hundred thousand dollars per person made to Democrats from elderly Democrats. It seemed rather strange that these elderly people, who appear to almost all life in average homes and are unemployed, would contribute excessive donations, which average out to multiple donations a day for years. Who makes donations like that? Some people sign up to contribute once a month, which is normal, not multiple times a day.

Suspicious money laundering may have been occurring, with donations made using the old folks’ names and addresses since they were less likely to discover them than younger people. O’Keefe, who started OMG Media Group after parting ways with Project Veritas, showed up at the homes of several of the elderly people, who have been dubbed “Smurfs,” to confront them about the excessive contributions. They all appeared to be Democrats of modest means who seemed confused and generally denied making anything but small amounts.”

It’s important to remember that the Deep State doesn’t rig elections in just one singular way. They use dozens, if not hundreds, of different frauds in order to steal elections. Combine them all together, and they can win virtually every time. This is also why it’s so hard to prove that our elections are illegitimate…. It’s extremely complicated and no singular tactic alone is enough to pull it off.

While it’s difficult to prove, we must also never give up until we finally expose just how corrupt and rigged our elections are.

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I highly encourage you to follow Rachel Alexander on Twitter at @rach_ic, and check out her show on Freedom First Network called The Thought Criminals along with co-host Ralph Benko.

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