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Pickax CEO Jeff Dornik: The Combination of Elon Musk’s xAI and Neuralink are Sinister and Demonic

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Jeff Dornik, the chief of a new network called Pickax, which will go live in the first quarter of 2024.

Mr. Dornik said that he had been examining the current data about Artificial Intelligence and Elon Musk's neuralink, the latter made by Musk's company XAI.

Mr. Dornik said that the lasting impression he got from this research was that the combination of the two was "sinister and demonic". Musk's neuralink consists of a chip that will be placed in an individual. Thereafter the individual can be controlled by the chip provider, who has the ability to erase an individual's memory and replace it with one of its own design.

In this regard, it is interesting to know that Musk's new deputy is a person who came from the World Economic Forum (WEF) to work for him.

Mr. Dornik said that it is becoming increasingly clear that the basis of AI and the neuralink is the premise that God has no role in the affairs of men; indeed, it seems those activities are honoring Satan.

We also spoke briefly about Biden's flooding of America with many millions of illegal aliens with Mr. Dornik, who argued that the aliens were, in essence, "pawns in the game" being played by Biden, Garland, Mayorkis, etc., the Mexican Cartels, the UN, China, and the WEF.

This may true, but it is undeniable that each illegal alien that crosses the border without a genuine visa knows that he or she is committing a felony that will eventually be punished by deportation, punishment, or both.

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