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Pfizer Whistleblower Karen Kingston Reveals How YOU Can Stop Pfizer & Their Bioweapon Injections

Karen Kingston and Jeff Dornik are back for another episode of In The Foxhole, a special weekly edition of The Jeff Dornik Show designated to expose the corruption and sinister plans of the powerful elite and Big Pharma as they continue to coverup their criminal activities with the bioweapon injections that they masquerade as the covid vaccines.

During this episode, Karen and Jeff share their frustration with the Medical Freedom crowd essentially providing cover for Pfizer and Big Pharma by claiming they can’t be held responsible because of some secret contract between the government and Pfizer that no one can seem to produce and a judge has already said doesn’t exist. The result of this narrative protects Pfizer and leads the American people to believe that Big Pharma is untouchable.

The reality is that there’s much that we can do to hold them accountable, and Karen reveals the simple strategy that each and every one of us can follow to quite literally shut down the administering of the covid jabs (aka bioweapon injections) in your county. We hope that you leave this episode empowered with both the truth and actionable steps you can immediately take.

Note from the Editor: The key takeaway is that you don't have to sit back waiting for someone else to save the day. YOU can be a part of the solution to combatting the covid bioweapon injections. You can also take control of your health by ridding your body of the heavy metals and toxins plaguing you with the detox that Dr Sherri Tenpenny recommends called Pure Body Extra. Click here to save $50 on your first order.



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