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Pastor Michael Petro Claims Biblical Prophesy Supports Snake Venom in the covid Poison Death Shots

Dr Bryan Ardis blew a lot of minds a few weeks ago with his claim that there’s snake venom in the covid jabs. While many attacked him and said that his belief is way too crazy to believe, Pastor Michael Metro of The Voice of Healing Church believes that the Bible actually prophesied this, backing up Dr Ardis’ claims with Scripture.

It’s clear we are in a spiritual battle between good and evil. No matter what you believe about Biblical prophecy, we are definitely going up against demonic forces whose goal is depopulation and establishing the New World Order. Part of that clearly is being enacted through the “vaccines” which clearly are enact reactions akin to snake bites.

On this show we often focus on the political side of the fight against the Globalist Elites. During this episode with Pastor Michael Petro, we dive into the spiritual aspect, and it’s definitely a fascinating conversation.

For more information on Pastor Michael Petro and his ministry, please visit His church, The Voice of Healing Church, can be found at

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