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Pastor Ken Peters Says Submitting to Globalist Tyranny is Submission to Satan

Pastor Ken Peters is one of the few pastors willing to follow Christ’s example and confront the corruption and depravity of the government. In this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, he rightly declares that anyone submitting to the tyranny we’re facing today is actually submitting to Satan. The most Christ-like thing we can do is resist tyranny.

Anyone with half a brain can tell that what’s been going on around the world for the last couple of years. There’s a globalist cabal attempting to implode the very fabric of our society, destroying national sovereignty and replacing it with the New World Order through the Great Reset.

When we look at what the Bible tells, Satan has always been behind world superpowers that are trying to conquer the world and establish is one world religion, government and currency. This is exactly what Pastor Ken Peters is leading the charge in fighting against.

In fact, Peters made the statement that submitting to the tyrannical globalists is submitting to Satan, himself. When you stop and think about it, this is a very true statement.

Looking at world history, we see that Satan was directly involved with each and every world superpower, always getting close to conquering the world and then God essentially saying, “nope, it’s not time yet,” and watching them implode before Satan would try again.

With the understanding that Satan is behind this most recent push to conquer the world from within, it would make sense that submitting to the tyrannical government controlled by Satan is actually submission to the devil, himself.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen pastor after pastor call for their churches to submit to the unconstitutional power grabs of the government, and that goes from shutting down church services to wearing masks to pushing the Poison Death Shot. When these pastors encourage this blind submission, often times in the name of obeying Romans 13, they are doing the exact opposite of glorifying God.

Fortunately for us, there are several pastors who’ve been leading the charge against the Satanic overhaul of our nation. Pastors like Greg Locke, Mike Spaulding, Sam Jones, Shahram Hadian and Ken Peters. These men have refused to bow to Satan who has taken on the form of the Democrat Party and the globalist powers-that-be.

We cannot simply glorify these pastors, though. As Ken Peters shared during my interview, “A pastor, or a general, is nothing without his army.” You’ll know a great pastor by the fruit of his congregation. These pastors don’t expect his church to sit back and watch him “do ministry” himself, but he inspires and equips them to go out into the world and do ministry themselves.

This is exactly what we need: a bunch of conservative and Christian activists who refuse to bow their knee to the false god of government. As our Founding Fathers used to always say, “No King, but King Jesus!”

Pastor Ken Peters was one of the speakers at this past weekend’s American Action Summit: End Medical Tyranny, which also featured Dr Sherri Tenpenny, Dr Mark Sherwood and was emceed by Mindy Robinson and Jeff Dornik. To get plugged in to how you can get involved in saving this country, please visit

For more information on Pastor Ken Peters, please visit the website for Patriot Church at or The Church at Planned Parenthood at

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I’m really sorry Jeff because I love your content but is Ken Peters kidding. One thing the scripture is very clear on is blatant hypocrisy.

Ken Peters is on Facebook, instagram, and Twitter. Nowhere is there a root cause of the moral and ethical degradation of our society along with blatant propaganda undermining our Christian foundation than through those globalist pushing entertainment venues.

people can’t talk about not bending a knee to satans agenda while they are down on both knees supporting some of the most evil globalists out there.

And no; we can’t use the excuse that we are trying to fight the fire from within the house Or that social media is needed to spread…

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