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Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer Explains Why the Powers-That-Be are Pushing Transgenderism in Schools

Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer returns to The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss the globalist’s intentional and systematical dismantling of the American and Christian way of life. Their focus on brainwashing and gaslight kids in the education is especially sick, and there’s a specific reason they are forcing kids to question their sexuality and gender.

It’s clear that this intentional grooming of kids to second guess their gender and sexuality is forcing the next generation to not only question their reality, but question the very existence of God. Think about it; if you are born into the wrong body, then either God made a massive mistake or is simply non-existent.

This is why we, as Christians and conservatives, must boldly proclaim the truth and turn people back to the truth found in God’s Word.

On a more practical level, as Pastor Lahmeyer explains, we need more parents running for local school boards and turning things around in the schools. Until we take responsibility and run for these positions ourselves, the Left will continue to defeat us and brainwash our children.

Check out Pastor Lahmeyer’s new podcast, Unfiltered, on all of the podcast platforms.

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