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Pastor Craig Hagin: You Have the Right to be an Idiot

Pastor Craig Hagin joined Jeff Dornik for today’s episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss everything from Tucker Carlson getting canned by Fox News to Robert F Kennedy Jr jumping in the 2024 Presidential Race on the Democrat side to abortion to Donald Trump. But one topic, in particular, really stood out in my mind.

Mid-way through our conversation, Pastor Hagin made the profound statement: You have the right to be an idiot. In light of the chaos and culture wars, that’s an important reminder to those of us with the truth on our side. Our goal should not be to ban those on the other side we disagree with, in the same way that we hope they won’t ban us.

That goes for transgenderism, LGBTQ and a host of other ideologies that we as Christians simply cannot get behind. At the same time, that does not mean that we allow the murder of unborn children or the permanent bodily mutilation of children in the name of “trans rights.” Remember, children cannot consent to sex or even to getting a tattoo, but we as a society are ok with them making a permanent decision regarding their sexual organs? Yeah, no.

This was a fascinating conversation that I highly recommend you listen to, as Pastor Hagin combines his Biblical worldview with a proper understanding of the freedoms and liberties provided to us in the United States Constitution.


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