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Pastor Brian Gibson Warns of One Component of the CBDC That Could Wipe Your Bank Account Out

Pastor Brian Gibson is the pastor of His Church in Texas and Kentucky. He’s not your typical pastor that just focuses on the positive messages and doesn’t want to rock the boat too much. He’s the one that gets into the thick of it, boldly declaring the truth wherever it leads.

During this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, we discussed a wide variety of topics, from transgenderism, libertarianism within the GOP and even how the Central Bank Digital Currency is probably the technology of the Mark of the Beast. The ramifications of this kind of monetary system will be disastrous.

We’ve all seen how algorithms and technology have been weaponized against conservatives and Christians, censoring our speech on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. If we move to a completely digital currency, what makes you think the powers-that-be wouldn’t do the exact same thing when it comes to your spending habits?

Pastor Gibson warned that these globalist elites are already discussing limiting our ability to travel outside of our local communities. What if they could shut off access to our money at night? Or limit your ability to spend to your local communities. Our government will be able to track our every expense. We can only imagine the ramifications of this technology.

We’ve all seen Mike Lindell and MyPillow get cancelled from his bank. The reality is that he just takes his business to another bank that is willing to take his money. But what if the powers-that-be were able to completely cut you off from accessing your money at all? If we move to the CBDC, that’s the kind of power that they’ll have.

Pastor Gibson also warned about the CBDC’s bail-in program, which would allow our government to take your money from you to keep our nation running, allow inflation to continue to skyrocket, and then pay you back down the road the same number of dollars, but the buying power would be significantly less. This means that our own government would be stealing from us, all while hiding behind inflation.

All this to say, Pastor Gibson believes that this technology may be what’s behind the Mark of the Beast prophesied about in the Book of Revelation. We already know that Bill Gates and Microsoft has the patent to make digital currency attached to your very body. This is simply the first step to implementing the one world government through the one currency that is centrally controlled by the globalist elites.

The way that we get to this point of switching over to this digital currency completely is to actually tank the dollar through hyper-inflation, which is coming in only a matter of time. That’s why I keep reminding you to buy gold and precious metals to protect your wealth against these sinister plans of the enemy.

Reach out to Our Gold Guy and talk to Ira, who will help you figure out the right strategy for your specific situation. He’s an America First Patriot who sources all of his gold from the US and has some of the best rates in the industry. Let him know that I sent you when you fill out the form at

For more information on Pastor Brian Gibson and His Church, please visit their website at

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