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Pamphlets Showing Weak Points in Israeli Military Vehicles Found on Hamas Members

The Hamas attacks against Israel are horrific... and it's clear that this was a coordinated attack. US Government officials believe that they had outside help, with much circumstantial evidence pointing towards Iran, who is also aligned with Russia and China.

Real News No Bullshit has revealed that Hamas members killed by IDF Forces are found to have been carrying pamphlets showing the weak spots in Israeli military vehicles.

Here's their report:

Development: These are pamphlets that have been recovered from some Hamas members who were killed by IDF forces in Israel.

The pamphlets show various Israeli military vehicles and their alleged weak points. Over the last couple of days there’s been a lot of talk about how coordinated the initial attack was, with some claiming that Hamas had outside help.

At this time, the US government says they do not have direct evidence of foreign actors assisting Hamas in the attack…but have warned that Iran has always sought to help Hamas. The Iranian government has also denied its involvement in any capacity.

English translation on the second and fourth slides.

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