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Our Government Used the PREP Act to Stockpile Synthetically Recreated mRNA Bioweapons

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

In this clip from Freedom First TV’s In The Foxhole with Karen Kingston and Jeff Dornik, Kingston breaks down the fact that the PREP Act, passed by Congress, enabled the United States to stockpile synthetically recreated mRNA bioweapons.

Karen Kingston explained:

“The PREP Act is a huge problem. If HHS… says a virus is a threat to public safety,” then Big Pharma and biotech can start stockpiling vaccines. Guess what, Jeff? In 2016, (HHS Secretary Alex) Azar (declared) that smallpox was a threat to public safety. So there’s stockpiles of smallpox vaccines…

“But there’s also declarations in 2017 that the pandemic influenza was a threat to public safety. That’s the H5N1, that’s the one with the 65% mortality rate. So there’s a stockpile of synthetically recreated bioweapon flu vaccine stockpiled by our government.

“In 2020, there was a declaration that Marburg was a threat to public safety. So there’s a stockpile of synthetic mRNA bioweapon injections for Marburg that our government has stockpiled.

“There was another declaration for the Zika virus and the Ebola virus in 2018. So guess what? There’s a stockpile of mRNA sequence synthetically created bioweapons for our government for the Zika virus and the Ebola virus.

“And then at the Senate Committee hearing that Rand Paul put on with the gain-of-function research scientist, Dr Esvelt said that people are basically so concerned with gain-of-function research and the emergence of a virus, that they’re not paying attention to the fact that someone could intentionally release a bioweapon on the world or that there’d be a psychopath that would then download these sequences.

“All these sequences are available on an open source database that’s free for everybody that’s called GeneBank. So every time Wuhan Institute of Virology uses Twist Bioscience technology and Illuminus technology that creates a new bioweapon, technically they are supposed to upload it to this gene bank and then thirty thousand scientists around the world can download it and then through synthetic DNA create an infectious agent… and then our government stockpiled these injections to infect you with that agent.

“Why isn’t Congress doing something about this now?”

That is THE question we must ask ourselves… given the fact Congress passed the PREP Act and was actively involved in allowing the stockpiling of bioweapons in massive quantities, plus how easy it is to open source the development of infectious agents that are used as bioweapons… at what point will we demand that our elected officials actually do something about this out of control monster?

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Watch this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show with Dr Pierre Kory, where he explains the lessons he’s learned after the covid pandemic:

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