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Nick Fuentes Responds to Jason Miller’s Claim That He Was Banned For Recruiting White Nationalists

During an episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, Jason Miller explained that he kicked Nick Fuentes off GETTR for actively recruiting members to become White Nationalists. Fuentes responded, denying this claim.

Conservatives have been facing censorship, shadow banning and deplatforming from the Big Tech companies like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for years. It’s really ramped up over the past year or two, as the Left has attempted to do everything they can to silence Donald Trump and his supporters and control narratives (i.e. propaganda). I, myself, was even permanently suspended for talking to a black conservative, Jimmy Lee Tillman, about why the African-American community is so hesitant to get jabbed.


This has led to the uprising of conservative social media companies. The one that seems to be taking off, as of late, is GETTR. Jason Miller is the former Trump advisor and is now the CEO of this new social media company. They’ve just passed 4.2 million users on the platform, with just 1.2 million joining over this past week after Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson both joined GETTR. Out of all the alternative platforms on the market, this one seems to be the one that most closely resembles Twitter and, in my opinion, is the most user-friendly.

During recent weeks, there have been many conservatives and free speech proponents that have been concerned with recent reports that Nick Fuentes and Jon Miller have been deplatformed from GETTR. This is giving them flashbacks to the censorship and deplatforming that many of us have experienced on the Big Tech platforms.

During my interview with Jason Miller on The Jeff Dornik Show, he told me, “That’s really our founding principles here at GETTR, we want to make sure we are a place for free speech, but also a place where we oppose cancel culture.” When you have Big Tech and Silicon Valley doing everything they can to silence views they disagree with, even going so far as to claim in court that they should be allowed to censor content on their platforms as THEIR First Amendment right, it’s important that we have a space where we can have those important conversation, discussions and debates.

“Our Free Speech rights… are at the boiling point,” Miller said. “What Twitter is doing, Facebook, Instagram, putting warning labels, kicking people off - they are picking winners and losers, and exercising political discrimination, and quite frankly we think that’s wrong headed. That’s part of the reason we launched GETTR.”

According to Miller, free speech on GETTR has its limitations, however. He told me that “Our viewpoint is your Free Speech rights really extend up to the point to where they start to infringe on someone else’s rights, whether that be their safety, whether that be keeping them protected from racial or religious epithets, making sure that no one is out there suggesting or trying to get people to act on illegal behavior.”

Within conservative circles, there are a few different camps when it comes to the free speech debate. On one hand, you have the Free Speech Absolutists, which I do not agree with. They believe that all speech should be allowed, legal or not. On a philosophical level, I would find myself in this second camp which believe in Constitutional Free Speech - essentially, as long as you are not breaking the law, I believe you should be free to say whatever you want… even if that makes you a jerk.

Constitutionally speaking, when we talk about rights, we do not have a right to be protected from insults or from being offended. Our rights are given to us by God, as acknowledged by our Founding Fathers. They are explicitly stated in the Constitution of the United States. Insults, name-calling and even hate speech is actually protected within the US Constitution. That doesn’t make them morally ok to participate in those types of speech, but it’s an important distinction that, by definition, we do not have the right to be protected from those types of speech.

Miller’s view of free speech, as he explains in my interview, is one of political free speech. Here’s GETTR’s Terms of Service, where they explain what speech is banned from their platform:

GETTR holds freedom of speech as its core value and does not wish to censor your opinions. Nonetheless, you may not post on or transmit through the Service any unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, indecent, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, pornographic, profane, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable material of any kind.

Miller further explained that “the big difference between GETTR and Twitter and Facebook is we do not exercise political discrimination… We definitely have certain boundaries and terms of service. We want to prevent against people pushing illegal behavior or doxxing and those types of things. But again, that’s not really political speech… In a regular political debate, if you want to talk about mandates, if you want to talk about voting issues, no matter what you want to talk about, as long as you aren’t infringing on someone else’s rights, there’s no chance you’re not going to be shadow banned or algorithms or deplatformed or anything like that.”

In light of the fact that GETTR is not an actual free speech platform (given that they ban the generic definition of hate speech and vulgarity), but a political free speech platform, it makes more sense that they’ve chose to censor and deplatform particular controversial figures. When I asked Miller about the banning of particular controversial figures, he explained that they violated GETTR’s terms of service: “In order to protect that digital town square, there has to be some guidelines in place.”

This makes sense in regards to the fact that Jason Miller’s focus with GETTR is to build a company. The reality is that this social media platform, while doing everything they can to protect political free speech, is beholden to the Big Tech companies like Apple, Google and Amazon. If they do not restrict certain speech like hate speech, as defined by those Silicon Valley companies, they’ll face the same result as Gab by being kicked off of those app stores.

Apple, Google and Amazon have certain standards and rules. Many of us do not like those, but at the same time, as I’ve been saying for years, conservatives have relied on these Leftist companies that hate us for far too long. This means that if you are relying on them for distribution of your app (Apple Store or Google Play) or for your servers (Amazon’s AWS), you have to play by their rules or else you are gone.

GETTR made the conscious decision to play by the rules of Big Tech by building their platform on Amazon’s servers and using Apple and Google’s App Store. While it is important for conservatives to have an alternative to the crackdown on political speech by the Big Tech propaganda machine, by remaining on Big Tech’s App Store and servers, they are able to dictate what type of censorship you must participate in if you are going to remain using their technology.

For example, Gab is not on Apple or Google app stores because they won’t sacrifice their stance on free speech. They are not only protecting political speech, but all speech, and have made the business decision to not be reliant upon Big Tech whatsoever. This means choosing not to be beholden to Apple or Google for distribution or Jeff Bezos’ Amazon for their servers. It’s a much more difficult road to build a company with, but at the same time you are not at the mercy of the very Silicon Valley that these alternative social media platforms are supposed to be freeing us from.

I specifically asked Jason Miller about why they kicked off Jon Miller and Nick Fuentes. When it comes to Jon Miller, he explained that the black conservative used the N-word in his username, which they will not tolerate on the platform. This would probably fall under their banning of vulgarity and racial epithets.

The case of Nick Fuentes getting permanently suspended from GETTR was a pretty controversial decision. Many conservatives said good riddance, as he does have a controversial reputation. Many others were quite upset, given that they believe in Free Speech and didn’t see anything illegal with any of his posts. So, again, I had the CEO of the company on my show, so I wanted to get his explanation for the decision to ban Fuentes from GETTR. Here was his response:

“In regards to Nick (Fuentes), we’re not going to allow our platform to become a white nationalist recruiting zone. Something that he posted violated our terms of service. We have to make sure that is going to be a place where people can feel comfortable coming to, and if we want to have that spirited debate, if we want to have a place where there is no political discrimination that you’re not going to get when you go to Twitter or Facebook or Instagram… you do not have the political debate in these other places. We have that here, we want to keep that we want to protect that. We obviously have our terms of service to make sure this is an inviting platform, and that we aren’t using racial and religious epithets and that’s what we aren’t going to have any tolerance for.”

I then followed up with, “You are saying that he (Nick Fuentes) was using GETTR as recruiting for White Nationalists?”

“That was the post, yes, that ultimately led to him being suspended… if you want to come on talk your politics or your life, that’s fine, but when you go that next step and you’re either using racial or religious epithets or you go into recruitment mode, GETTR’s not a place where we’re going to have that.”

The justification that Jason Miller gave for banning Nick Fuentes from the platform is that he was actively recruiting GETTR members to become White Nationalists. I reached out to Fuentes to get his response to this allegation, given that I don’t know what was actually posted. Here was Nick’s response:

“Hey Jeff, no that is not true lol. And I would challenge him to publish all five of my posts on Gettr and explain how any one of them could even remotely be construed as ‘White Nationalist recruitment.’”

Is GETTR actually a free speech platform? Simply put, it is not, as evidenced by the recent deplatformnig of Fuentes and Jon iller. As Jason Miller explained throughout this interview, GETTR’s focus is on protecting political speech, not all speech in general. They are making a business decision to specifically protect political speech. In order to accomplish this goal of having a place for conservatives to share their views, they have to censor other types of speech and viewpoints from people like Nick Fuentes to play within the rules of Big Tech which control their distribution and servers. Unfortunately, this is the result of decades of reliance upon the Leftist oligarchs for all of our technology and internet needs.

As Dave Rubin often says: free speech is messy. You run the risk of being offended and people saying horrible things to you. You’ll be exposed to some really awful beliefs and bad ideas. You face deplatforming if you say something that the powers-that-be don’t like. If you are a social media company that relies upon Big Tech, you face getting deplatformed by Apple, Google and Amazon if you allow others to practice their Constitutionally protected right of freedom of speech.


Our Founding Fathers did not protect you from being called names, being offended or hate speech. They protected your ability to freely express yourself. As long as conservative social media companies continue to rely on Big Tech, we’ll never truly rid ourselves of their restrictions against our constitutional rights.

Here’s the thing about free speech… if there’s someone saying something you completely disagree with, the answer is not to ban them or take away their ability to speak. Instead, simply unfollow, block or simply ignore them. Or, even better yet, counter their arguments with the truth. Deplatforming people, no matter how much you disagree with what they are saying, is dangerous and ensures that they and their followers will never change their minds or have their views challenged.

Free speech is messy, yes. It’s also beautiful and what our Founding Fathers established this nation upon. We would do well to take a stand to defend and protect free speech if we want any chance of saving this great nation.


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