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Newsom Picks Radical Pro-Abortion Lesbian From Maryland for California Senate Seat!

(Peter LaBarbera, WND News Center) - California’s Democratic governor Gavin Newsom has chosen a lesbian and radical, pro-abortion-on-demand, pro-LGBT activist, Laphonza Butler – who lives in Maryland – to fill the Senate seat left vacant by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who died Thursday at age 90.

Butler heads up the leading pro-abortion PAC (political action committee), EMILYs List, which boasts on its website: “At EMILYs List, we work to elect Democratic pro-choice women up and down the ballot and across the country with a goal of fighting for our rights and our communities.”

Butler also registers another “first” in the world of left-wing intersectionality and liberal media causes celebres – to quote Newsom: “She will make history – becoming the first Black lesbian to openly serve in the U.S. Senate.”

The left-biased site Wikipedia in its entry on Butler confirms that her child is being raised in a same-sex household that is intentionally fatherless: “Butler is lesbian. She and her partner, Neneki Lee, have a daughter. They moved to Maryland in 2021 when she assumed the presidency of EMILY’s List. Governor Newsom’s office stated Butler would reregister to vote in California before taking office as a senator.”

Reuters reports: “Butler has also worked as a senior adviser to Vice President Kamala Harris, a Democrat, and was the president of the largest labor union in California, representing more than 325,000 nursing home and home-care workers throughout the state.”

Lives in Maryland

Conservative news and social media sites had a field day reporting that Butler lives in Maryland.

“Her FEC filing 31 days ago lists Maryland as her residence and yet Gavin Newsom is naming Laphonza Butler to be a United States Senator representing a state she doesn’t even live in,” conservative activist Robby Starbuck posted on X Monday. “However corrupt you think politics is, multiply it by a 1,000,000.”

Reporter Matthew Foldi produced before-and-after screenshots showing EMILYs List had scrubbed a portion of its website showing Butler resides in Maryland. The altered passage removed the second sentence from this original section of the bio: “Laphonza grew up in Magnolia, MS, and attended one of the country’s premier HBCUs, Jackson State University. She lives in Maryland with her partner Neneki Lee and their daughter Nylah.”

Pro-abortion rubber-stamp

Pro-life leader Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the SBA (Susan B. Anthony) Pro-Life America, reacted to Butler’s appointment by slamming the “pay-to-play” nature of Democrat Party politics: “The abortion lobby spends millions to elect Democrats who back its agenda of abortion on demand through all nine months of pregnancy, paid for by taxpayers. Democrats like Newsom, in turn, are beholden to the abortion lobby. The pay-to-play system couldn’t be more obvious, with an unelected Senate seat as the ultimate reward. Newsom even passed over staunch pro-abortion candidates who reside in California, in favor of a Beltway insider and the biggest pro-abortion extremist he could find.

“The last thing Washington needs is another rubber stamp for the brutal abortion industry. Biden likewise heads the most radical pro-abortion administration in history,” Dannenfelser continued. “Voters need to realize the days of ‘safe, legal and rare’ are gone – today’s Democratic Party stands for abortion any time, for any reason with no limits up to birth.

“Republicans should stand up for life and embrace at least minimum national protections at 15 weeks, when babies in the womb feel pain, and go on offense to contrast themselves with their opponents’ extremism,” she said.

The pro-life news site reacted to an X post by @TheDemocrats announcing Butler’s appointment and applauding her for fighting for “women’s rights”: “Abortion has killed 32.5 million girls since Roe. She’s the opposite of women’s rights.”

Leftist intersectionality on display

Butler is the personification of left-wing “intersectionality,” whereby various “progressive”-activist causes work side-by-side to help achieve leftist (Democrat) victories. Her appointment by Newsom was celebrated by the leading LGBT activist group, Human Rights Campaign, which in recent years has stepped up its pro-abortion advocacy:

“The appointment of Laphonza Butler to the Senate is a landmark moment in the fight for social, racial and economic justice. As the first Black lesbian to represent California in the United States Senate, Laphonza brings a compelling voice for abortion rights, the labor movement and civil rights into Congress. Her leadership is a testament to the legacy of Senator Dianne Feinstein’s strong record of pro-LGBTQ+ support,” said HRC President Kelley Robinson. “The threats to reproductive freedoms and LGBTQ+ families emanating from the Supreme Court and anti-equality politicians are twin crises that require immediate attention, and Laphonza Butler is an exceptional advocate on both of these issues.”

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