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Mindy Robinson: Is the White House Using A Deep Fake to Coverup Just How Far Gone Joe Biden Is?

Mindy Robinson recently launched a new series called Conspiracy Theory Corner, and her first episode tackled the apparent Deep Fake that the White House used during Joe Biden’s speech the other day. The episode is titled “Will the Real Joe Biden Please Stand Up.”

We recorded an impromptu episode of The Jeff Dornik Show because she wanted my live reaction to her video comparison of the real Joe Biden with what can only be explained in my mind as a Deep Fake reminiscent of a Snapchat filter of placing Biden’s face on the body of a body double.

What’s quite hilarious as that they did this mid-speech, at a point where you can clearly see the difference between Joe Biden #1 and Joe Biden #2. Joe Biden #1 features facial expressions and movements and blinking eyes. Joe Biden #2, however, is emotionless, with no facial expressions or movement in the face except that his eyes are bugged wide open and he does not blink during the video. It’s quite creepy.

Something is definitely off in these videos, and it’s pretty shocking when you see the really poorly executed edit in the speech.

So why would the White House go to such great lengths to pull something like this off?

Remember, this is not the first time that they’ve used technology to protect us from seeing the Alleged President’s deteriorating health. If you remember, they used a green screen to make it appear as if he was speaking to reporters on the front lawn of the White House, while his arm moving through a microphone proved that this was a fraudulent video.

We all know now that Biden has come down with covid-19. They are making it seem as if he’s doing perfectly fine, but is that really true? Could he be struggling to survive this virus that is killing the elderly at astronomical rates? Or could his dementia be so out of control that he couldn’t finish his speech?

Why wouldn’t they 25th Amendment him? Unless they realize that they can’t control Kamala Harris and have to hold on to Biden as long as they possible can.

Either way, we are witnessing one of the most blatant coverups in American political history.

Mindy Robinson is running for Nevada State Assembly as a Libertarian, and I strongly encourage you to support her campaign. Go to to contribute to her campaign and volunteer. You can follow her on Gab at

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If you missed the previous episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, you can watch it here:

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