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Mindy Robinson Exposes the Shocking History of Vaccines

Mindy Robinson is a conservative commentator, documentarian and is also running for Nevada’s State Assembly. She joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show and breaks down the history of the vaccines, which she says has always been dangerous because of the use of ingredients from animals. She also dives into Fraudci’s criminal history, weather manipulation, GETTR vs Gab and her new documentary, Route 91, which details the government coverup of the Las Vegas Shooting.

“As corrupt as I think the government is, it’s probably worse than I think.” Mindy Robinson encapsulated everything that we’ve come to realize over the past couple years.

We’ve witnessed our own government setting up the sitting President of the United States to be impeached for crimes that he didn’t commit. We saw our governmental leaders bailing out criminals from prison to go burn down cities. Fauci, the CDC and the FDA have led a misinformation propaganda campaign that’s lied about the bioweapon known as Covid-19 and the “vaccines,” which are nothing more than Poison Death Shots.

Combine all that with the Las Vegas shooting, Seth Rich’s assassination, Jeffrey Epstein getting suicided, the stolen 2020 Election and the FBI framing Trump supporters for a crime they didn’t commit on January 6th, it’s becoming more apparent that we’ve had no clue as to just how corrupt our government actually is.

This has been especially clear when it comes to covid-19. Think about it: covid is a bioweapon created in the Wuhan Lab and developed through Gain-Of-Function research as the vaccines was simultaneously developed. However, Mindy explained, “This isn’t the first first time (Anthony Fauci) has done this. This isn’t even the third time he’s done this.”

She went on to point out that this is standard procedure for Anthony Fraudci and his minions in our own government. They have a history of giving people horrific viruses developed from animal gain-of-function techniques, and then use vaccines to “cure” the diseases, even though the shots create even more problems, diseases and death than before.

“I don’t think people realize how bad (vaccines) have always been. You want to talk about AIDS? You want to get into conspiracy theories? You want me to believe that this monkey virus that only existed in monkeys just magically appeared in gay men in cities in the 80s, when literally they were running a campaign for Hepatitis vaccines to gay man in those cities the year before. In the blood banks there is no HIV before that. Don’t tell me that it’s not related to that vaccine. What else do you think caused it?

“And that’s not the first time that we’ve put a monkey disease in a vaccine, because that’s why you shouldn’t make vaccines with animals. In 1955, after the Cutters polio vaccine, they knew it didn’t work. It was a live polio virus, it paralyzed the monkeys, and they tested on children anyway. They gave 200,000 children this vaccine, 40,000 are paralyzed and several die.

"Then they made a new one, except this one they made with monkey kidneys and the monkey had viral cancer, so now the viral cancer is inside those polio vaccines. They gave out 80 million of those and this was a soft-cell cancer, so lymph nodes, skin and non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, which is what killed my dad, and he’s that age, he would’ve gotten that.

"What the hell? Of course the CDC says there’s no correlation. There was a 50% increase in soft-cell cancer after they unloaded this out.

"And, if you want to get back to AIDS, Kaposi’s sarcoma, which is a viral cancer, that got slipped in there, too, and that’s what ended up killing so many people from AIDS. It’s a monkey disease and was only seen in monkeys.

"Maybe, call me crazy, you shouldn't Frankenstein things in labs, because if the monkey’s sick and you inject it into yourself, you’re about to be sick, too.”

Our government and the supposed healthcare leaders, such as Fauci, have lost all right to be trusted. They’ve done this before and gotten away with it. The problem is that they’ve done a phenomenal job covering up their crimes and violation of the Nuremberg Laws.

All we can do is try to get this information to as many people as possible as quickly as we can. The more people we can get to wake up and realize the they’ve been duped, the better chance we have of saving our nation, our families and even ourselves.

Like Mindy said, this is not the first time that Fauci has done this. Let’s just hope that he’s no longer in a position to repeat this again in the future.

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Follow Mindy Robinson on Gab at She is also a contributor at The DC Patriot, which you can check out at



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