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Mike Pence Has “No Interest or No Intention of Pardoning” January 6 Mostly Peaceful Protesters

Mike Pence is a snake. He has no chance of getting the GOP nomination for president despite the machinations of the Republican Donor Class. It was my intention of not even report on his various campaign events because he’s a non-issue.

But somehow he was able to infuriate me just days after officially announcing his run. It wasn’t hard. All he had to do was declare his hatred for patriotic Americans who wanted to save this nation from the debacle that’s sitting in the Oval Office today.

Here’s Pence at his CNN townhall:

“We cannot ever allow what happened on January 6 to happen again in the heart of our democracy, and I’ll stand by the decision and the due process of court in our laws. I have no interest or no intention of pardoning those that assaulted police officers or vandalized our capital. They need to be answerable to the law.”

Here’s the problem. Many if not most of the January 6 political prisoners did not assault police officers or vandalize the Capitol Building. He made no differentiation between the few who committed acts of violence and the many who did not.

Also, we live in a constitutional republic, not a democracy, but I wouldn’t expect Pence to understand the difference.

Whoever gets the Republican nomination for president will have my support against Joe Biden… except Mike Pence. Heck, I could actually see myself reluctantly voting for Chris Christie over Biden, as bad as Christie would be. But he wouldn’t be a Pence. Christie’s just an idiot. Pence is a full-blown puppet of the globalist elite cabal.

This article was written by JD Rucker and reposted from America First Report.

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