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Robert F Kennedy Jr's Vision for Healing a Fractured America

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is very approachable and extremely well informed about a vast spectrum of topics. He’s running for President of the United States on the Democrat ticket, and the Democrat establishment is going all-out to silence him by cancelling all debates and trying to sweep Joe Biden back into the White House.

You can learn more about RFK Jr’s run for the Oval Office (and join his email list) at

Although RFK and myself don’t agree on everything, I consider him to be a true American hero for his courage and perseverance in exposing the covid / vaccine / Fauci fraud.

He’s also a healer who, I believe, can help bring America back together from its current fractured status, where Big Government, Big Tech and the fake news media have worked incessantly to disrupt and destroy America from within.

I have publicly stated that I’m considering temporarily switching my party affiliate to Democrat solely to vote for RFK Jr. during the Democrat primary process, should the DNC even allow such a process to occur (never trust the establishment to follow the rules).

Interestingly, the DNC is trying to railroad RFK in much the same way the RNC is trying to railroad DJT. Both establishment parties despise real heroes like RFK or DJT, and they want them both to be silenced and shut out of the political process.

That’s why we must work hard to listen to these courageous men and share their message with others. My full interview with RFK Jr. is below, and I am publicly inviting Team Trump to join me for an interview about the Trump candidacy.

Here’s what I cover in today’s Brighteon Broadcast News, which includes the RFK interview:

– Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. discuss border security, election integrity, voter ID and more

– Covers the investigation and PROSECUTION of covid officials who committed fraud

– RFK achieves stunning CROSSOVER support from Republicans and conservatives

– Adams invites Trump team for an interview

– Mass homelessness in California getting WORSE as Biden’s economy crumbles

– Spike protein damages the BRAIN, explaining why vax booster proponents are so dumbed down

– California black groups demand $200 million in reparations payments to EACH black person

– Colorado bureaucrat wants to confiscate money from WHITE-owned businesses to subsidize BLACK businesses

– Interview with Paul Wittenberger, filmmaker and producer of “Fluoride – Poison on Tap” documentary

This article was written by Mike Adams and originally posted on Natural News.



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