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Mel K Reveals the Secret Globalist Plan to Replace Joe Biden... with Michelle Obama

Mel K joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to share her concerns with the Trust the Plan crowd. As she made clear, there’s no evidence of a secret plan to take back America militarily… and even if there was, it wouldn’t actually save America. In the meantime, the Democrats are preparing to replace Joe Biden with who they believe to be the winning candidate to ultimately destroy America once and for all.

It’s obvious for everyone to see, both Democrat and Republican and Joe Biden is a disaster of a President. The economy is destroyed, gas prices are out of control, we are facing World War 3… and there’s no end in sight.

Now, the Left has done an amazing job providing cover for the current regime, whipping their base into such a frenzy that they’d rather vote for the utter destruction of America than vote for Donald Trump or any Republican, for that matter.

Let’s not forget that there is a secret plan going on behind the scenes, but it’s not the “Plan” you are thinking of. Joe Biden’s job is to destroy every aspect of American life so that the Democrat “savior” can come in and save the day.

It’s the same strategy they’ll use when we finally reach the end times to usher in the anti-christ.

For right now, instead of the anti-christ, we are getting Michelle Obama. That’s right, Big Mike… errr, Big Michelle. According to Mel K, all signs point to the fact that she’s going to be the nominee in 2024, which is actually quite brilliant from a strategic perspective.

They know Donald Trump will have the nomination of the GOP. So run Michelle Obama against him, who is a black woman and is publicly perceived as someone who doesn’t want anything to do with politics and will always take the high road, at least when the cameras are on.

The reality is that she is to Barack Obama what Hillary was to Bill Clinton. Their husbands were tame compared to them. Hillary was just a horrible candidate. Michelle, however, will finally implement their strategy once-and-for-all… if everything goes according to plan.

We’ve got two years to thwart the real plan. If it’s implemented, America is done… and so is humanity.

We don’t have a Savior, except for King Jesus.

This means that it comes down to We The People, since the Bible makes it clear that God uses everyday ordinary obedient men and women for His purposes. The only plan we should be trusting in is God’s. It’s simply our job to be faithful and obedient, and pray that God works through us to save America.

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