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Matt Couch: We Take Away the Left’s Power When We Rid Ourselves of Irrational Fear

Matt Couch, Editor-in-Chief of The DC Patriot, joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss his recent suspension from Twitter, the true reason for the season and how we can rid ourselves of fear.

The root problem that has led to the overthrow of America is not Covid-19, Election Fraud or even the Chinese Communist Party. None of those things, by themselves, have the power to Conquer America. Rather, it is a fearful population that has been manipulated to willingly give away their rights in exchange for perceived safety.

Think about it… the Leftist powers-that-be used a constant state of fear to fundamentally change the course of America in a matter of less than two years. They were able to take a thriving America and utterly destroy it, using an irrational fear of a virus which kills less than 0.1% of those that contract it.

The last two years have proven that Americans are willing to trade their freedoms in order to feel safe.

Matt Couch, editor-in-chief of The DC Patriot, spent the majority of this interview on The Jeff Dornik Show confronting the fear that is found in so many people’s lives.

When you think about it, Black Lives Matter preyed on the fear of white Americans being labeled racist. The Elites were able to get away with stealing the 2020 Election by preying on the fear of conservatives being labeled conspiracy theorists. Conservatives self-censor themselves for fear of being deplatformed.

One of the biggest “fear frauds” occurred when it came to covid-19 and the ensuing Jab. The Globalist Elites and the Leftist powers-that-be whipped everyone up into a frenzy to be so terrified of the Wuhan Flu that they would beg the government to take away our Constitutional Rights in the name of “safety.”

The data, however, is clear: The mortality rate is so low that there’s no way that it should ever be classified a pandemic, yet that’s exactly what they’ve done. Businesses have closed, capacities have been severely limited, face masks are mandated, “vaccines” are being forced… all because people have an irrational fear of covid.

The mainstream narrative is that the only way we can get back to normal is to get everyone vaccinated. This is preying on irrational fear. The statistics prove that this fear is irrational.

The Vaccines are being proven ineffective time and time again. A perfect example is the NFL, which boasts a more than 95% vaccination rate, yet almost a third of their players have entered covid protocols over the past month.

The breakthrough cases popping up everywhere are proof that these injections don’t work, yet the response is always, “We need more people to get vaccinated!”

At a certain point, enough is enough. We’ve tolerated the stupidity off the Left for far too long. The vaccines are a colossal failure. They don’t work and are wreaking havoc on countless lives.

As Conservatives we need to take a stand. No more vaccines. No more facemasks. No more lockdowns. Get rid of it all. Live your life as free citizens.

Rid yourself of fear. If you aren’t fearful, the government has no leverage to trade you for your Constitutional Rights. Make 2022 the year we Make America Free Again.


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