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Matt Couch: The Sussman Trial Verdict Proves that the Trust The Plan Crowd is Nonsensical

Many MAGA and America First followers have been continually claiming that President Donald Trump is playing 5D chess and has a secret plan that is playing out before our eyes. Every time we have a supposed defeat, they claims it’s all a part of Trump’s plan to expose the Deep State.

Editor-in-chief of The DC Patriot, Matt Couch, joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss a wide variety of current events, but then hones in on the Sussman Trial’s not guilty verdict, which is a huge loss for Durham’s team. This loss in the courts should be all we need to show that there is no plan to trust.

Matt and Jeff also touch on the Q and Devolution conspiracies, both of which would be a violation of our Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties if they were true. Ultimately, it all comes back to We the People… if we’re going to save America it’s not going to be by waiting for a savior to come along. It’s going to come through the action of We the People.

Make sure that you follow Matt Couch on GETTR at @realmattcouch and check out his conservative news site The DC Patriot at

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Mike Swaim
Mike Swaim
Jun 03, 2022

Should be Jeff DOORKNOB!!🍺

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