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Lt Gen McInerney & Mary Fanning Warn that Barack Hussein Obama is a KGB Agent… and the FBI Knows It

China is deeply entrenched within our own government. Lt Gen Thomas McInerney and Mary Fanning join this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to reveal how much power the CCP has within America. They also reveal that Barack Hussein Obama is a foreign agent working to destroy this country.

China has long been infiltrating every aspect of American life for the purpose of conquering us from within and becoming the world’s superpower. There’s so much evidence of this. Everything from Dianne Feinstein’s driver being a Chinese spy to Eric Swalwell sleeping with another Chinese spy… to Hunter Biden’s many business and wildly inappropriate ties to the CCP.

Lt Gen Thomas McInerney and Mary Fanning joined me for this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss the many ways that China is threatening the very existence of American, all without using any military force. This is event deeper than the Democrat Party. It’s the GOP, too. Plus Hollywood, Big Business and even Election Fraud. The evidence supporting China’s involvement in rigging the 2020 Election is astounding, and McInerney and Fanning dive deep into it all.

What was interesting to me was Mary Fanning’s closing statement about Barack Obama. Both McInerney and Fanning state that Obama is really running the show for the Biden Regime. That’s not really anything new. What was fascinating was her revelations regarding Barack Obama’s actual identity. I’ll let her explain:

“(You) have to understand just how deeply entrenched this is in our government. I did a piece on Barack Obama, Clues to His Mysterious ID, and all the data came out of the FBI vault. The FBI knows this.

“Barack Obama was working with Victor Margolin who part of the Soviet Silver Master Spy Ring. That was a part of his campaign. It was like Bill Ayres… just a guy in his neighborhood? No he’s not. These are traitors, these are communists, and that’s who Barack Obama is.

“We had General Pacepa, a defector who came to this country. He wrote a piece and said: I should know. Barack Obama, just like Whittaker Chambers once had been, is a KGB agent. That’s the only piece that General Pacepa wrote that wasn’t completely scrubbed off of the internet. And he came forward and said that Barack Obama is an enemy agent, and everything that we saw in the FBI vault looks to be absolutely correct.

“We connect him to Frank Marshall Davis, to the amount of communists. To Subud... do people in America understand who Subud is? It’s a cult that he grew up in. You know that the cult was about? Beelzebub. It was dedicated to Satan. That is Barack Hussein Obama.”

What’s truly fascinating, yet not surprising, is that the FBI knows all of this, according to Fanning. According to her documentation, Barack Obama is a KGB agent working to destroy American, all while Communist China is infiltrating every aspect of our society and government. It’s also an interesting connection when you see just how close Russia and China have become… At a certain point, people are going to have to wake up to what’s really going on.

Like Fanning stated, this is all Satanic and all for the purpose of destroying America, liberty and God. Yet, we know who wins in the end.

In case you missed it, here's the previous episode of The Jeff Dornik Show with Dr Peter McCullough:

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Sam thesham (Sam)
Sam thesham (Sam)
Jan 11, 2023

Its coming and it will not be pretty ... yes a purge and some innocents will die but most will be summarally executed as spies and traitors. A civil war? Maybe but a cleansing for sure. God help us to see the light and do our duty.

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