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Kristi Leigh: How the Fearmongering of the Powers-That-Be Are Stripping Away Our Rights

With the recent attacks against Israel by Hamas, it feels as if something is shifting on the world stage. Hamas, obviously with direct ties to Iran, is going to war with Israel while Russia continue their war with Ukraine. Then you have China continually threatening war with Taiwan, all the while having alliances with Russia and Iran. What the heck is going on?

Then you have how our media and political elite are handling the coverage, and it ends up being pure chaos and propaganda. The same people who have ragged on Israel and defended Hamas for years are all of a sudden Team Israel and anti-Hamas. They just pretend that they haven’t been hypocrites on this issue.

To break it all down, Kristi Leigh joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show. Kristi Leigh is an award winning news anchor who quit her job over the Mainstream Media’s lies and now hosts her own podcast called Counter Narrative which is designed to be the news show that you should be watching.

We took a deep dive into how the Mainstream is manipulating us all by instilling fear. They know that fear will drive many to give up their constitutional rights in the name of freedom. We see this tactic over and over. We are witnessing it right now in regards to covid-19, January 6th, Donald Trump, Russia and now what’s going on in the Middle East.

We saw what this can do when we witnessed the implementation of the Patriot Act, which violated so many of our Constitutional Rights. We see this in their calls to abolish the Second Amendment after every shooting. We see this in the justification of censorship when supposed misinformation is spread.

How to beat this? Stop being afraid. The Bible tells us repeatedly to not be afraid. It’s time to take that to heart. The powers-that-be only have power over us when we live in fear. If we are confident and unafraid, they hold no power over us.

Make sure you follow Kristi Leigh on X at @KristiLeighTV and check out her website for all of her updates and shows at

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