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Kay Rubacek Warns What a Communist America Will Look Like if We Continue on the Current Trajectory

America is hurtling towards communism at full speed, with Joe Biden and whoever is pulling the strings behind him leading the charge. After the Alleged President’s extremely divisive speech last night, it’s clear that the powers-that-be are setting the stage for a full-on communist takeover of America.

During today’s episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, Kay Rubacek and I took a deep dive into her years of research and personal experience with socialism and communism, warning viewers what America will become if we allow it to continue down this path we are on.

Rubacek is an author and filmmaker who has worked with NTF and Epoch Times, as well as a human rights activist who was arrested in China for peacefully protesting. Her new book Who are China's Walking Dead is a firsthand account of all the oppression, violence and propaganda in China from real victims and their stories.

She has also been studying brainwashing techniques that the powers-that-be are using to push their agenda. It’s important to know that the only way the enemy wins is if the people go along willingly, which is where the manipulation and brainwashing comes into play.

First they have to create chaos and fear, which then opens people up to manipulation, as this only amplifies the desire for someone to provide a solution to the problem. If you notice, the Democrats have been playing this strategy for years, always having the solution to the very problem that they created in the first place.

Then they have to isolate us and pit us against each other, which they’ve successfully done over the last couple of years. This all comes to culmination with Biden’s speech last night accusing conservatives of being a threat to democracy.

Rubacek’s solution is definitely one that you more than likely have not heard many suggest, but it would sure be effective and take the power away from the powers-that-be that are doing nothing but sowing chaos and fear. I highly encourage you to take a listen all the way through this episode.

For more information on Kay Rubacek and to order her new book “Who Are China’s Walking Dead?”, go to

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ICYMI, here’s the previous episode of The Jeff Dornik Show featuring Clay Clark:

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