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Karen Kingston: People are Foolish for Using Artificial Intelligence

Karen Kingston returns to In the Foxhole after a multi-month hiatus to discuss a wide variety of topics, including what’s really behind the mass shooting in Maine, her concerns with the future of artificial intelligence, as well as the recent realization of the Freedom Movement that we can, in fact, sue Pfizer and Big Pharma for the covid jabs (aka bioweapon injections).

One of the things that both Karen and I are concerned with is the blending together of technology with human biology. This route will essentially eradicate humanity as we know it and create a new hybrid species.

This is the first time that this has happened since Genesis 6 when the fallen angels had children with human women and created demonic/human hybrids. Or, in other words, the Nephilim.

The transhumanist movement is attempting to recreate the Nephilim. Instead of demons, it’s going to be technology. More specifically, artificial intelligence.

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What most don’t consider, however, is that when quantum computing merges with AI, the intelligence may not be as artificial as we’ve been led to believe. It may be opening up a portal to the very fallen angels from Genesis 6. If that’s the case, we could be looking at demonic intelligence. Combine that with the human body, we could be looking at mass demonic possession, which very well may be the ultimate Mark of the Beast that’s prophesied about in the Book of Revelation.

This is a spiritual battle that’s often being waged on the political, medical, scientific or even societal levels. We cannot forget the spiritual side of all this.

So when you are using the latest AI, whether it’s ChatGPT or some other chatbot, understand what this is all being used for: Total and complete control.

This is exactly what I am setting out to oppose with my new social media platform, pickax. Which we discuss briefly towards the end of the show. It will be a constitutionally protected free speech social content platform not beholden to Big Tech in any way. We are not incorporating AI in the same way that other platforms are because we want to help amplify your voice through technology, not use your data to fuel our tech. Launching beginning of 2024, now is the time to sign up to be a part of our beta launch. Sign up today at

For all of Karen’s documentation supporting everything she’s saying, be sure to subscribe to her Substack:

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