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JR Majewski Calls Out The GOP Leadership For Ignoring The Jan 6 Political Prisoners

Congressional Candidate JR Majewski believes the GOP has largely turned its back on the January 6th political prisoners, with few exceptions. This is where “we the people” need to make our voices heard that we will not allow their constitutional rights to be violated anymore.

The Democrats are doing everything within their power to crush the spirits of those that love America. Do not think that the stolen election of 2020, the BLM riots, the covid-19 “pandemic” and the January 6th “Attack” are not all connected. They’ve systematically implemented each of these attacks on our nation to gain more power and destroy their political enemies.

The Left hates America, so they’ll do anything it takes to destroy her. They hate this country because they hate God. They don’t want you to believe you’re created in God’s image, they want you to deny Him and find your identity in your group… but only if you are a part of THEIR group.

When it comes to what happened on January 6th at the Capitol, all of the evidence that’s been coming out points to the fact that it was a setup by the FBI or other intelligence agencies in order to paint Trump supporters as domestic terrorists. Unfortunately, they’ve been very effective at promoting this lie.

JR Majewski is running for Congress to represent Ohio in the US House of Representatives. He’s an America First candidate who loves this country, understands the role of government and is someone who sees through the lies coming out of the DC Swamp. In fact, he was actually at the Capitol on January 6th and witnessed the entire thing. What he experienced and saw with his own eyes is a direction contradiction of the mainstream narrative.

He’s extremely concerned at the political prisoners still locked away, arrested for their alleged involvement in what happened that day. Almost all of them have been sitting in prison for more than a year, with their civil liberties and constitutional rights being stripped away from them.

Majewski pointed out that the majority of them are not being charged with felonies, and there’s no justification to hold them without bail for this long. In fact, that’s illegal and unconstitutional. The problem is, that’s not stopping our tyrannical governmental leaders from imprisoning them this long for non-felonious alleged crimes, such as trespassing and interfering with official proceedings.

At what point will the GOP leadership and our elected officials do anything about the heinous crimes of false imprisonment of the January 6th prisoners? If the Left can do violate their civil rights, what’s to stop them from doing it to us?

Majewski actually called on President Trump to hold one of his rallies outside of the prison and refuse to leave until they release all the prisoners not being charged with felonies. When BLM was arrested during their riots, Democrats such as Kamala Harris bailed out the rioters. When our side is actually falsely imprisoned, our GOP leadership does nothing. Proves they don’t have our back.

The reality is that the ruling class is attempting to use January 6th to justify intimidating anyone who crosses their path or attempts to expose their 2020 Election theft. It’s the same strategy they’re using when it comes to their Medical Tyranny: Make examples of those that get in their way to scare anyone else from doing likewise.

Understand what is going on and why it’s so important for us to make our voices heard. Call your representatives and demand that they do something about the January 6th prisoners. Again, if they can do this to protestors that were setup by the FBI, they can falsely imprison anyone of us for any false or crazy claim they can come up with.

This is one of the reasons why we are organizing the American Action Summit: End Medical Tyranny. Our Constitutional Rights are being stripped away left and right and we are heading towards biblical prophecies of being unable to be a part of society unless we take the jab. Again, this is a direction violation of our civil liberties and constitutional rights.

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JR Majewski will be a speaker at tomorrow’s American Action Summit: End Medical Tyranny, which will also feature speakers like Dr Sherri Tenpenny, Dr Mark Sherwood, Pastor Greg Locke and Mindy Robinson. The focus of this event will be on ACTION and how YOU can be a part of ending the medical tyranny surrounding covid-19, the “vaccines” and mask mandates once and for all. Use code JR for $10 off registration at

To get involved or to donate to JR Majewski Congressional Campaign, please visit

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There hasn’t been leadership within the GOP for quite some time. They only care about getting elected.

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