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Josh Barnett Reveals the Only Solution on the Table to Fix the Election System Before 2024

Josh Barnett returns to The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss his campaign running for the Arizona State Senate. One of the primary topics of discussion was election fraud and how to fix the voting system in Arizona and across the nation.

He is proposing the only actual plan I’ve seen on the table that would eliminate 98% of all potential fraud in the elections with one simple solution, which he lays out in detail during this episode.

For more information on Josh Barnett and his campaign for the AZ State Senate, please visit

Note from the Editor: Josh Barnett is one of the select few that are doing things the right way to expose election fraud. Mike Lindell is another American Patriot that's putting his money where his mouth is to expose the stolen elections of 2020 and 2022. Support Lindell's pro-America company, MyPillow, by shopping at using discount code FFN.



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