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Josh Barnett: Any Politician Associated with the World Economic Forum is a Traitor... Including GOP

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Josh Barnett is an America First patriot who not only has been talking the talk, but walking the walk. Not only does he continually expose the stolen election of 2020, he’s one of the driving forces behind the Arizona Audits through his use of affidavits. For anyone who supports the America First agenda in Arizona, Josh Barnett is the Congressional Candidate you should be voting for.

One of the problems with the Republican Uniparty is that they are not America First, including its leaders like Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy. In fact, as recently as 2018, Kevin McCarthy was on stage as a panelist at the World Economic Forum’s Davos summit. As we all know, the WEF is a globalist organization with the mission to destroy the world as we know it and replace it with what they are calling The Great Reset.

During this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, Josh Barnett and I discussed a wide variety of topics, but one of the most important discussions was regarding the large number of politicians that are tied to the World Economic Forum. According to Barnett, any elected official with ties to the WEF should renounce their alliance and denounce the anti-American, anti-freedom organization that wants to see America as we know it destroyed.

They’ve bragged about the fact that they believe we have no more free will… since they can hack our brains and control us from within. They’ve claimed that they are more powerful than God, Himself… who does that remind you of? They’re mission is the horde all of the world’s resources and have a handful of the elites controlling everything. Essentially, capitalism for them and communism for us.

The fact that Kevin McCarthy found it appropriate to sit on stage at the World Economic Forum and is still listed on the WEF website should disqualify him to hold office in the House of Representatives, let along become the Speaker of the House as he desires to be.

So, the question becomes, will Kevin McCarthy and any other Republican with ties, renounce their association with the World Economic Forum and denounce their mission? And yet, as Barnett pointed out in this show, even that might be too late, since we can no longer trust that they are telling the truth.

We’ve got a country to save, which is why we need an America First candidate like Josh Barnett. To get involved and to support his campaign, head on over to

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Watch the last episode of The Jeff Dornik Show:

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