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Jimmy Lee Tillman II: The Dems Are Implementing Charles Manson’s Helter Skelter To Incite A Race War

Jimmy Lee Tillman returns for the first time after his controversial conversation about the Tuskegee Experiments which ultimately led to the permanent suspension of Jeff Dornik from Twitter. This episode may be even more controversial, as they expose how the Democrats are actually using Charles Manson’s strategy of Helter Skelter in the hopes of inciting a race war. Plus, Jimmy announces that he is running for US Senate to represent the state of Illinois.

Divide and Conquer. That’s been the name of the game for the Democrats for the past few decades. They pick winners and losers, and then pit each group against each other.

Men vs women. Black vs white. Rich vs poor. Employer vs employee. Gay vs straight. The list goes on and on.

Jimmy Lee Tillman, who has been known to lead controversial conversation whenever he’s a guest on The Jeff Dornik Show, points out that this divide and conquer mentality is rearing its ugly head now in the treatment of Covid-19 with monoclonal antibodies.

In several states, we are seeing that white people are unable to receive this live-saving treatment. Now, according to the health providers, technically white people are not banned from received these antibodies. However, they are putting the Black Community first, which means that if you are white and need this treatment, you can’t do so.

It’s also interesting to note that the Alleged President Joe Biden’s regime is severely limiting the distribution of monoclonal antibodies.

The end goal, according to Tillman, is to pit whites against blacks and create a race war… essentially implementing the strategy of serial killer and cult leader Charles Manson’s Helter Skelter, attempting to incite White Americans against the Black Community.

In this instance, we are seeing that the Black Community is receiving this life saving treatment that many White Americans are not allowed to receive. Tillman explains that this can lead to hatred of the Black Community, as they are seen as the group taking up this treatment that could save the lives of countless men, women and children. This is all the goal of The Democrat Party… incite hatred, racism and division.

However, what the Democrats don’t realize, is that it’s actually exposing their racist view of the Black Community. What they are saying about African-Americans is that they are “less than,” Tillman told me. This is standard procedure for the Left, and fits within their racist worldview.

We see this racist view rear its ugly head in economics, voting and all sorts of other issues. Now it’s even popped up in healthcare, with the Democrats telling the African-American Community that they are more prone to be sick than other races.

Let this be yet another example that the Alleged President Joe Biden is, in fact, an out-and-out racist. The entire Democrat platform is based upon their racist views of minorities.

Wake up people… if you vote for Democrats you are voting for Helter Skelter.

For more information on Jimmy Lee Tillman and to get involved with his campaign for US Senate, please visit


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