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JD Rucker: Levin, Gingrich & Huckabee Are Wrong to Support Ukraine-First RINO Kevin McCarthy

(JD Rucker) - Here’s my short take on the attacks against Matt Gaetz from conservative media:

If there’s one silver lining that has come from this conflict, it’s that we’re seeing who in conservative media are fighting 100% for the American people and which ones are only conservative when it’s convenient.

Nothing @mattgaetz has been saying is wrong.

I’m disappointed in his conservative media detractors, some of whom are people that I fully expected to back him.

Very eye-opening.

Can any of them make a case for omnibus over individual spending bills?

Can any of them claim McCarthy has stuck to the terms of the deal that he agreed to in order to become Speaker?

Can any of them say it’s a total coincidence that the ethics complaint, long-shelved, popped back up now?

Can any of them justify pulling Ukraine funding in the CR, only to work a deal for continued aid in the shadows with Chuck Schumer?

It’s dirty politics being played by both sides, but for whatever reason the status quo filth is getting a pass from so many of these “conservative” commentators while they lambast Gaetz and his allies for being scrappy for the sake of the nation.

I like Mark Levin, Newt Gingrich, and Mike Huckabee but they and others are wrong to be propping up Ukraine-First RINO Kevin McCarthy.

If you agree, please check it out on Twitter and repost/like. Thank you.

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