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Jason “Storm” Nelson: Is America Prepared for World War III?

With war breaking out in the Middle East between Hamas and Israel, along with Russia invading Ukraine and China threatening Taiwan, is America facing getting sucked into another World War? If that happens, many are concerned that our military, economy and infrastructure are just not ready for that and it would be a catastrophe.

Jason “Storm” Nelson, founder and CEO of Prepper All-Naturals, is a former US Marine whose focus now is on helping Americans to be prepared for whatever might come our way. If we get sucked into a World War, are you prepared for the ramifications of that, even if the battle is not directly waged in America?

If China aligns with Russia and Iran in opposing America and the West, we could have the most serious supply chain issues in American history, given that we rely on China so much. What does that mean for you, as an individual?

We could be facing food shortages, skyrocketing taxes and even pushing our infrastructure beyond its limits, which could lead to gas shortages and power outages. Are you prepared for that?

This is one of the reasons we’ve partnered with Prepper All-Naturals to provide you with premium quality freeze-dried beef so that you are prepared for whatever might come your way. Order today using discount code JEFF15 for 15% off at



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