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Jason “Storm” Nelson Forced Out of Military Just Months Short of Retirement Due to Vax Mandate

Jason “Storm” Nelson is running for Congress in TX-17, challenging establishment Republican Pete Sessions for the seat. Nelson shares how the vaccine mandates in the military is forcing him to leave active duty just months before full retirement benefits, where he fought for our country and became permanently disabled from combat service. We discuss vaccine mandates, foreign policy and election fraud through this conversation.

Our military service members deserve our utmost respect, as they’ve literally sacrificed everything to defend America, the Constitution and each and every one of us. Unfortunately, many are turning a blind eye to the abusive treatment of servicemen under the Alleged President’s Regime, specifically when it comes to the Vaccine Mandate.

Jason “Storm” Nelson is running for Congress in Texas’ 17th district. He’s also been an active duty soldier, having almost twenty years of service defending our great nation. In fact, he was only a few months away from receiving full retirement when the Biden Regime implemented the Poison Death Shot Requirement for all service members.

Because of the Vaccine Mandate for the military, Nelson has been forced to resign just short of receiving full benefits. After serving nearly twenty years in active duty, he has nothing to show for it because of the tyrannical edict coming from Emperor Biden.

Jason Nelson has decided to run for Congress and fight back against the tyrannical globalists running the show from the DC Swamp. He’s taking the leadership and strength he’s developed in the military to Washington DC. We have to fight back against the medical tyranny that has now stripped from him his retirement for serving our country.

While Republican leadership has been running around talking about Medical Freedom, all while promoting the vaccines, they’ve only been focusing on protecting the rights of the masses. At the same time, they’ve barely said a word about our military men and women being forced to take The Jab or lose their jobs and retirement. Nelson shared that he faced being court-martialed unless he resigned.

This is where we need strong Republican leadership that actually cares about protecting our individual liberty and Constitutional Rights. Jason Nelson sure appears to be the guy that will not hold back and do what he says he’ll accomplish.

“We’re going to prove to the American people that they (Democrats) don’t care about them, and that they need to put in the Upper House and in Congress senators that are willing to push things past a do-nothing president who probably fell in the toilet this morning,” Nelson proclaimed during our conversation.

I applaud Nelson’s strong stance, and know that he’ll stick to his principles when he gets to Washington DC. However, to make that happen, we the people need to get in the game and do our part too. We need to stop being spectators and get active. It’s not about simply sitting back and watching famous conservatives “save the country” (Hint: they never do), it’s about you and I and the rest of the conservative movement rising up and taking back our country through action!

That action could be running for congress. It could be supporting a candidate and making phone calls on their behalf. It could be showing up to a rally. It could be getting on your local school board or working within the local GOP. Whatever it is, you have to do something! That’s exactly what Nelson is doing, and it will take more people to get a candidate like him in DC where he can work on getting the government out of our lives.

This kind of action is exactly what we’re focusing on with this Saturday’s American Action Summit: End Medical Tyranny. Featuring speakers like Dr Sherri Tenpenny, Pastor Greg Locke, Dr Mark Sherwood, JR Majewski and Mindy Robinson, you will leave this live-streamed summit with the roadmap for actionable steps you can take to turn things around.

You can register for this online summit at using code JEFF for $10 off.

For more information on Jason Nelson’s campaign and to get involved or donate, please visit


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