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Ivan Raiklin Reveals Who’s Really a Part of the Deep State… and Some of the Names Will Shock You

During Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour in Las Vegas, the team at BrighteonTV asked me to step in and interview Ivan Raiklin for a short spot on their network. During this five minute conversation, Ivan and I got right to it discussing the reality of the Deep State and just how deep it actually goes. But then I saw an opportunity for the ultimate question, so I went for it.

“Who is in the Deep State?” I didn’t want just a, “Oh, you know… guys in the intelligence agencies, some politicians, etc.” I wanted names. And guess what… Ivan Raiklin named names. Many of which you already guessed… some, however, will shock you.

If we’re going to save America, we first have to understand who our enemy is. After this interview with Ivan Raiklin, you will have no doubt who the enemy actually is.

The Deep State was behind the covid jab... er, bioweapon injection... which is why we can't trust the CDC and FDA anymore. They continually tell us that vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs are not, all while investing in gain-of-function research to develop more deadly viruses. With all that said, take their power away by not relying on Big Pharma for anything but acute injuries and illnesses. Build up your natural immune system, and you can start with Dr Zelenko's Z-Stack. Order a bottle today using code JEFF5 for a discount.



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