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It’s Not Just the Covid Jab That’s a Bioweapon… Covid Itself Is, Too!

Karen Kingston and Jeff Dornik return for another episode of their weekly show In The Foxhole to take a deep dive into the science and technology behind the covid bioweapon injections. One of the key points they hammer home is the need for a shift in thinking when it comes to the very nature of covid-19 itself and the supposed “vaccines.”

The reality is that the transmission of covid was not person-to-person as we were led to believe, as it wasn’t a virus… and the jab is not a “vaccine” as we were led to believe, either. They were both bioweapons.

Tune in for this extremely educational episode to get all the details.

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With the constant struggle to get the truth out to the masses, all while being censored and shadowbanned on social media and search engines, many have been asking how to help support The Jeff Dornik Show. I’ve recently setup a GiveSendGo where you can donate to help support the show. This will allow us to do more promotion and spend more time researching and investigating the underreported news stories that need to be uncovered. Click here to donate.

Check out the latest episode of The Jeff Dornik Show:



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