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Is Shake Shack Really Going Completely Seed Oil-Free Nationwide?

If you are eating out, more than likely you are consuming seed oils. These cheap oils cause all sorts of health issues, including inflammation and other negative effects. Unfortunately, it's almost impossibly to avoid consuming these harmful oils due to the food industry using them to cut costs.

Even if a restaurant tells you they have olive oil, they'll typically cut it with seed oil to cut costs. It's almost unavoidable.

According to reports, Shake Shack is going seed oil free. Ancestral Supplements went to their local Shake Shack to see if this is true, and this is what they found out:

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Is it possible to go completely seed oil-free as a society?🤔👇🏽

Shake Shack’s nationwide are going seed oil-free 👀

We wanted to find out if our local Shake Shack was seed oil-free yet but when we visited they mentioned they have someone that comes and fills up their big vat of soybean oil.

It’s always important to ask what a restaurant uses to cook their food in. If they say olive oil, ask to see the bottle. An overwhelming majority of the time companies mix olive oil with seed oil to cut costs, but still can legally say it’s olive oil.

It’s very cool to see companies starting to use @zeroacrefarms cultured oil over traditional seed oils like soybean, canola, and corn oil.

We’re still massive fans of using tallow and other animal fats when cooking, but look for Zero Acre Farms when you’re eating out. It’s a great replacement 🙏🏽

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