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Is Hollywood Cloning People From the Past and Using Body Doubles?

There's all sorts of conspiracy theories surrounding Hollywood. Whether it's the Illuminati, secret societies, adrenochrome or Satanic rituals, there's plenty of evidence that supports many, if not all, of these claims.

An interesting theory posed by former NFL player James Acker is that Hollywood is cloning people from the past and using body doubles to keep sales going.

While there's no direct evidence of this, it is interesting to see the almost identical historical figures to many of our current Hollywood stars.

Check out this Instagram post for the details:

Note from the Editor: Big Tech doesn't like conspiracy theories, as many of them are exposing the true nature of the world we live in. That doesn't bode well for the powers-that-be, so they censor and silence anyone getting anywhere close to the truth. Not so on the new social media platform pickax. On this platform, you'll be free to throw out whatever theory about whatever topic you like without interference from the platform in any way. Plus it will not be beholden to Big Tech in any way and have monetization opportunities for content creators unlike anything you've seen on any social platform. Sign up today to be among the first people on pickax once beta is launched.



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