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Iowa Mama Bears: Going After School Bonds are the Next Step to End Covid Restrictions in Schools

The Iowa Mama Bears join this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to share how they fought back and actually passed legislation in Iowa after their children were forced to wear masks that caused detrimental health conditions. School bonds are the next tactic that parents can use to protect their children in schools, and these patriotic mothers explain how it works.

Parents across America are fed up with the abuse the schools have put their children through over the past two years of “15 Days to Slow the Spread.” Their kids have been isolated, masked, vaxxed and even put behind plexiglass. Teachers have instilled covid fear within their students, who are naturally the most protected age group.

The problem is that most parents are frustrated and upset, yet don’t really know what to do. Here’s the dirty little secret: There’s no magic strategy to make a difference, all it takes is doing SOMETHING.

The Iowa Mama Bears are an example to all parents in how simply doing something, anything, can lead to massive change in how schools are dealing with covid. During this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, they explain what they did after one of their children got a staff infection from being forced to wear a mask all day at school.

At first, the school ignored the request for a medical exemption due to the infection directly caused by their policies. Then, when these Mama Bears protested the mask mandates, the school retaliated against their children. Sounds like mafia tactics more than an education system.

But these two mothers continued on in their fight to protect the children of Iowa, causing a ruckus through local activism, protesting and appealing to their state legislators. This led to a statewide ban of mask mandates for children in schools. Unfortunately, that has now been challenged in court by the ACLU.

The latest strategy that the Iowa Mama Bears are focusing on are the school bonds, which is how the schools get federal funding. They explain that if the school is not doing its job, parents can actually file a complaint directly tied to the bonds, which then can freeze that funding until the issue is resolved. If several complaints are filed from different parents, there’s a good chance that the school will cave, as they really want that money.

I encourage you to listen to this episode in its entirety. You will be inspired and leave the conversation not only motivated, but you’ll have some tools to use to protect your own children from the tyrannical policies forced upon your children by the education system.

The Iowa Mama Bears were speakers at our recent American Action Summit: End Medical Tyranny. We’ll be releasing the video and additional resources at

For more information on the Iowa Mama Bears, please visit


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That's a Staph(ylococcus) infection.


This may be worse than actually hitting a child.

On rare occasions, Dr. Laura used to say "Time to go to war."

This is definitely one of those times. Well done ladies; please keep it up. An apology is not enough- those people need to be destroyed because they are the kind of people that would do this in the first place.


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