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If We Have the Truth on Our Side… Why Aren’t We Winning?

For all of us truthers out there, it seems like we can never succeed in getting big wins. Whether it’s election fraud, covid, January 6th or even draining the swamp, we continually expose the truth yet rarely succeed in our mission. During this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, we dive into this concerning trend.

There’s a pattern weaving through all of these important issues we’ve been fighting to expose… First, we investigate and expose the truth. Then, some leaders rise up to “fight the good fight.” They file lawsuits or lay out the game plan to fix said problem. And finally, everything implodes and we all ask, “What happened?”

We saw this happened with the fight over Election Fraud. Many of us were doing everything we could to investigate and expose the fraud. Then we had attorneys like Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell and Lin Wood running all over the country like madmen filing lawsuits and speaking at events, claiming that the Kraken would soon be released. We just had to “trust the plan.”

How did that work out? The wrong people filed the wrong lawsuits making the wrong arguments in the wrong states. Cases were thrown out on standing, many legitimately. Think about it… why would the Attorney General of Texas have standing to sue about the election process in Pennsylvania? You know who should’ve sued? The Pennsylvania Republican Party, or even the National Republican Party.

After a while, the madness began to implode. With cases getting thrown out and the Arizona Audit resulting in virtually nothing, the hubbub died down and nothing was fixed. I kept warning that we’d have a repeat of 2020 during the Mid-Terms if we don’t do anything to fix the election system, which turned out to be true. Nothing happened. People trusted that our leaders would save the day, which clearly did not happen.

There are many other examples of this, but the most glaring one right now is in regards to the covid bioweapon injections. Most of our trusted leaders within our movement of opposing the vax can’t even bring themselves to call it a bioweapon. Instead, they use language like “vaccine” and, if they are really pushing the envelope, “gene therapy.”

According to 18 USC 175 that defines what a biological weapon is, it states, “the term “for use as a weapon” includes the development, production, transfer, acquisition, retention, or possession of any biological agent, toxin, or delivery system for other than prophylactic, protective, bona fide research, or other peaceful purposes.”

As we all know, the jabs don’t stop you from contracting covid, from spreading covid, from getting seriously sick from covid, from going to the hospital from covid or even from dying from covid. In fact, it actually makes your chances worse, not better. Plus, taking into consideration all of the adverse reactions, these bioweapons do nothing but cause injury, disability and death. And don’t forget that it was injected into the bodies of billions of people around the world while Pfizer & Co knew that this would happen.

So why can’t our side even acknowledge this simple fact that the covid “vaccines” are actually bioweapon injections?

Then you comer to the claims that Karen Kingston and I discussed during our latest episode of In The Foxhole regarding whether Pfizer has liability. Most of our trusted leaders (both doctors and attorneys) are claiming that the jab is not FDA approved for one reason or another, and thus still under Emergency Use Authorization. All this does is provide cover for Pfizer, leading people to believe that they have no recourse and that the Big Pharma giant can’t be held liable for the release of this injection. I highly encourage you to listen to this episode of In The Foxhole as we discuss this in detail.

All this to say, we do have the truth on our side. We’ve proven both election fraud and the fact that the “vaccines” are bioweapons designed to cause injury, disability and death. Yet, it seems as if we can’t gain any significant ground. Lawsuits get thrown out. Our own leaders tell us to trust that they’ll fight for us, but then everything fizzles out. There’s a common theme.

Maybe the reason that we’re not getting any wins that gain any sort of ground is because we keep repeating history. Instead of getting active, we buy into what I believe is a PSYOP… it’s the same old mentality: trust the plan.

When it came to Donald Trump, we’ve always been told to “trust the plan.” Trump’s got it all under control, even if he’s doing things that don’t make sense, go against our belief system or are just stupid moves… he’s playing 94D chess and has gamed everything out, and this is just a part of him taking down the Deep State. Then with Election Fraud, we were told to trust Giuliani, Wood, Powell and even Lindell. That’s gone now where. And now with covid, we’re told that Dr Robert Malone, Steve Kirsch and Robert F Kennedy Jr will expose it all. Now, I’m not saying that any of them in particular are bad or sinister. But the results are the same… we’re trusting “the plan” and it’s getting us nowhere.

So that’s why, I believe, we aren’t getting any wins. We’ve got the truth, but we’re being subverted by those within our own midst, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

What do we do now that we understand this? Stop playing follow the leader. Instead, remember that it’s We The People that are our only chance of saving America. As long as we are being obedient to God and defending the truth, all we have to do is all get off our butts and get in the game, taking steps forward wherever we can.

How many times must we be let down before we say enough is enough? I hope that time is now.

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Be sure to catch the latest episode of In The Foxhole with Karen Kingston:



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