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If Our Elections are Rigged and Our Borders are Open… Do We Even Have a Country?

America seems to be crumbling before our eyes. The Constitution has been shred to pieces. Our borders are almost as if they aren’t there. Our elections are rigged. Inflation is out of control. Everywhere we look is utter destruction.

Ann Vandersteel and Michele Swinick, two of the newest additions to Freedom First Network, were my guests during a recent episode of America Unhinged on BrighteonTV, where I guest hosted for my good friend Dr John Diamond.

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To kick things off, Michele Swinick dove into how we know the elections are rigged and what we can do to fix them. Ann Vandersteel then joined the show to discuss Operation Burning Edge and what she’s exposed in regards to illegal immigration and the true source of it.

This is a recipe for disaster for America. We have elections that are rigged and illegal immigrants flooding into America, bringing with them Third World diseases, Communist beliefs, drugs and crime. It’s the perfect storm for an overthrow of our government.

The United States Constitution lays out the responsibility of the Federal Government. While it has limited roles, those roles are vital to the security and safety of the country. The Government is supposed to protect and preserve our God-given rights. It is supposed to settle disputes between states. And, among a handful of other responsibilities, it is also to ensure national security. If you’ve noticed, it’s failing at virtually all of its responsibilities.

The thing that I always remind people is that if you, as the Democrats claim to be, are truly empathetic to the plight of the illegals, you’ll want to shut down the border. Why? Because you’d want to take the power away from the cartels. These ruthless thugs that are taking thousands of dollars from these poor illegals to smuggle them across, and then use and abuse them (literally raping young girls and selling them into sex trafficking) for their own gain. Often times they’ll use the illegals as a distraction for Border Patrol while they smuggle drugs and children across the border in a different section.

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If we want America to be saved, we’ve got to deal with fixing the elections and the border. Both Michele Swinick and Ann Vandersteel provide the solutions we need to turn things around. We’ve only got a limited amount of time to fix this before it’s too late. So, let’s get to work!

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