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How to Protect Yourself from an EMP Blast

Today, The Two Mikes were joined by Andrew Bucchin of EMP Shield.

Mr. Bucchin announced that the company – based in Kansas, and now having three production facilities -- has just put a new product on the market for automobiles and other vehicles. It is called the EMP Shield Micro.

He told us that the company found that cars have less and less room under the hood, and so the company built an EMP-Shield for cars that is 78-percent smaller than its original Emp-Shield model for cars It draws much less power than did the original model. The device is priced at $449, but buyers can get $50 off by using the coupon code Two Mikes at

Mr. Bucchin also announced that within the next two months EMP Shield will be releasing a new power-storage system – made with its partner Grid Down – that provides owners with reliable back-up power for the home if the local grid is taken down by a storm or other problems.

Note from the Editor: EMP attacks are a huge national security threat, but if you were to listen to the Mainstream Media or the average American citizen, they'd tell you that only tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists talk about this. That couldn't be further from the truth. That narrative is a PSYOP from the intelligence agencies, and I lay out how they get mass adoption of their propaganda in the upcoming Following the Leader. Pre-order a signed copy of the book today!



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