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How The Moderna v Pfizer Lawsuit Over Covid “Vaccine” Patents Could Confirm That It’s a Bioweapon

Moderna is suing Pfizer for patent infringement due to Pfizer’s use of Moderna’s patents to develop the covid-19 “vaccine.” During this episode of In the Foxhole, Karen Kingston and Jeff Dornik discuss how this case could confirm what a lot of us have been saying for a long time… that the jabs are actually a bioweapon.

In an interesting development, Moderna is suing for patent infringement after Pfizer allegedly took their patents and used them to develop the “vaccine” for covid-19, all without paying royalties. It’s an interesting development that has the potential to document much of what we’ve been saying about the jabs.

As Karen Kingston and I discussed in this episode of In The Foxhole (which airs every Thursday at 6pm ET), this lawsuit very well may get ugly. When cases get ugly, accusations begin to hurl… which can play well to our movement as we look to expose the truth about these bioweapon injections.

One of the potential claims that either side could make towards the other is to claim that it’s not THEIR injection that has caused the massive amounts of injury, disability and death, but the other company.

For example, Moderna could accuse Pfizer of taking their “safe” patented “vaccine” technology and essentially weaponizing it. On the other hand, Pfizer could accuse Moderna of having a dangerous mRNA vaxx, but they took their technology and made it “safe.”

It appears as if Pfizer is positioning Moderna to take the fall for the bioweapon injections, but whichever company gets to the punch first will surely win.

For me, as an outsider looking in, if these two Pharmaceutical giants duke it out in court over these patents, there are surely going to be wild accusations thrown at the other side. If this happens, we’ll have a more clear picture of how these bioweapons were developed and, hopefully, they’ll be forced to confirm the reality of what people like Kingston have been exposing, whether directly or indirectly.

And we can’t lose sight that the ultimate Bond villain in this fiasco is Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer. As Karen explained, Pfizer has pulled this with patents before, so this isn’t anything new. But given the current state of what’s going on, this could have huge implications towards exposing the reality that these are, in fact, bioweapon injections.

I highly encourage you to listen to this entire episode, as Karen and I take a deep dive into this lawsuit and what could potentially do for our movement and the future of the covid jabs. As Karen shared, it would be amazing to see these two villains duking it out.

Because we don’t know where the next bioweapon is going to come from or what it might be, it’s so important to work now to build up a strong immune system. That means eat right, exercise and take the right supplements. That’s why I recommend Dr Zelenko’s Z-Stack, Z-DTOX and Z-Flu to help boost your natural immunity. Order using code FREEDOM for a discount. Click here to order.

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